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My Heart's Story

I can't ignore the pain of desire
and have no story to tell
of a life we built on lies
and pretend that love here dwells... more »


is one persons trials,
they say is so vital,... more »

God's Haiku

Our unformed bodies
he saw before we were made
a beautiful thing.... more »

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Brittney Heck 22 Jan 2006 10:22
Hello Brittney, Your poems are beautiful! Poems aren't really one of my interests, I just thought it was quite unusual to find another Brittney Heck besides me. That is really sweet to know there is another one out there. I wonder if there is more- Oh what the Heck I found one. My birthday is 9-1-83. Well hope you have a wonderful day, feel free to write. Brittney Las Vegas, Nv