• Accept Me

    Who are they to judge
    the things that I do and say?
    Accept me for me.... more »

  • Adulteress

    Like rain that falls upon my floor
    are tears of one you once adored
    like shadows stretched across my wall
    like the night I heard her call... more »

  • Ashleigh

    Like pieces of sky
    the sun, the moon, and the stars
    reflect in your eyes.... more »

  • Be Visible

    Own your life's desires,
    and rise from the world's solitary direction.
    Be visible for a lifetime.... more »

  • Delusions

    In life there are people we think hold the key,
    determining our thoughts and analyzing our dreams.
    We tell them our problems, longing to be free.
    Because they have all the answers...... more »

  • Do You Know?

    No one knows but Him
    what will become of our souls
    I suggest we pray... more »

  • God's Haiku

    Our unformed bodies
    he saw before we were made
    a beautiful thing.... more »

  • Heaven And Earth Collide

    Judgment day will come
    where heaven and earth collide
    and God's truth resides... more »

  • Husband

    You are everything and nothing
    all at the same time.
    I gave up all of me
    so you could be mine.... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss being your escape
    and you being mine
    I miss falling back on each other
    through all the hard times.... more »

  • Illnesses End

    Health is not my friend,
    they say that I'm sick again.
    When will it all end?... more »

  • Let Me Feel You Again

    Remind me to breathe,
    to shut my eyes and believe... more »

  • Love

    Love is a choice of conscious minds,
    a recognition of emotion
    and a longing to find,
    this deeper meaning... more »

  • My Heart's Story

    I can't ignore the pain of desire
    and have no story to tell
    of a life we built on lies
    and pretend that love here dwells... more »

  • My World

    Green are my skies
    with clouds made of candy,
    orange grassy hillsides,
    with yellow birds to enchant me.... more »

  • Refugee

    For the Cambodian boy who changed my life.

    Little boy bare footed,
    one who wears torn cloths,... more »

  • Romeo & Juliet

    The classic story
    of when a boy met a girl
    their love led to death.... more »

  • Roots Of My Heart

    I don't want to bleed,
    not for somebody like you,... more »

  • Sick Love

    do the games you play
    show what you're capable of... more »

  • Someday

    Someday we'll realize
    that it's ok to believe
    in all things unseen.... more »

  • The Illusion Of Happiness

    The illusion of happiness all in one pill
    riding the pain he caused her to feel.
    She says 'They help me and I need them to live.'
    But she used to be free, until he'd take and not give.... more »

  • Therapy

    is one persons trials,
    they say is so vital,... more »

  • Under One Condition

    Under one condition
    will we be alright -
    tell me that you love me
    and show me day and night.... more »

  • Words For My Baby Someday

    This day I have dreaded for all of your life,
    but now that you're of age, the truth is your right.
    Although I have raised you, we have not the same blood.
    To you I did not give birth, only my love.... more »

  • Youth

    Lets go back in time
    when Santa still existed
    and life seemed less cruel.... more »