• I Heard From You Today

    I heard from you today
    Isn't it funny how nothing has changed
    You made me think of the past
    How it all came back so fast... more »

  • Someday

    Someday I will care
    Someday I will love
    Someday I will win
    Someday maybe... more »

  • Sorry

    To see your face, is what I long for
    To see your smile, so rich n poor
    To hear your laugh
    But to hear you voice... more »

  • Trust Me

    Crazy, Lazy,
    Confsuion and pain,
    I have nothing left to gain,
    I have lost all of my senses,... more »

  • Use To

    You use to laugh
    You use to smile
    You use to have fun
    Like you were runnin a mile... more »

  • Will You Call

    You say your gonna call
    So I wait
    Wondering if it's to late
    Did I miss it, or did you lie... more »

  • You Make Me Sick

    So stupid, So stubborn,
    I wish you would disapeer,
    I wish you'd leave,
    Before I heave,... more »