• Black Wooden Bookshelf

    That black wooden bookshelf I admire its structure
    For it is eviden that it is black
    Yet the wood must fight for its dominance
    You would usually look past the fact the woodshelf is wooden... more »

  • Hiz

    Hiz curly eyelashes,
    of which hid his beautiful brown eyes

    Hiz soft and delicate lips,... more »

  • I Feel Like Dying

    i feel like dying
    i'm tired of crying
    i'm ready for my life to cease
    for it seems the though that the pain will easr... more »

  • I Know A Guy

    What wud u do if jesus came back?
    Do u suppose he'd be riding a camels back?

    What if u asked me where God was and I told u i knew a guy?... more »

  • Imma Live My Life

    imma live my life like there aint no tommorow
    like the joy overpowers the sorrow
    like rain washes away tears
    like nothing in this world is to be feared... more »

  • It Or Should I Say U

    it the center of my pain
    it the reason it rains outside,
    even though we all see the sun
    but it is not a ray of sunshine,... more »

  • Life Iz Like A Drug

    ...and guess what I'm addicted
    to all the the flavors
    and in my favor, there is no quiting
    It picks you up, spins you around... more »

  • Livin Life Like They Want Me To...

    livin life the want me to...

    iz like going to hell accept that would be my
    choice,... more »

  • Lov3 Iz

    ...When your underarm itches
    when you don't relie on ritches
    when you stare in their eyes,
    and all you can do iz sigh... more »

  • On Top

    I mean I've beeen that low I've hit rock bottom.
    But with a wish and a prayer
    as I walk down that street and niggas starin
    cuz my pride follows along side me.... more »

  • Teardropp U Forgot 2 Say Goodbye

    I remember when i couldn't stand u
    I couldn't stand the fact that i loved u
    u told me u loved me
    and i knew it was true... more »

  • The Dirt Under My Nail...

    the dirt under my nail...
    reminds me of the falseness that i represent
    the dirt under my nail...
    everyone can see is present... more »

  • There Iz No Title

    story of your life
    searching for the light
    but there's no where to go... more »

  • Valentines Day

    He loves me, he loves me not
    Do u love me?
    You were my enevator
    You enfeebled me when I was at my strongest... more »

  • What If I Say No?

    what if i say no?
    will you still love me?
    will you continue to be the fire in my eyes,
    or the fire burning my pride?... more »

  • When I Died

    The day they won,
    i picked up a gun
    3 bullets to the head
    Pride,... more »

  • When She Died

    Tryin to pick up the pieces where at left off
    seems almost imposssible
    n I'm jus tryin to move somewher progress
    is unattainable... more »

  • Who Am I

    who am i, for i no longer know
    no lonfer moving forward, for i have no place to go
    i had a home, it caved in
    i was my own, and this the end... more »