• A Want

    Daffodils on windowsills
    glowing in the rain

    I shout your name;... more »

  • Can It Be?

    Can you feel my presence?
    Can you touch my hand?
    Do you feel me anymore,
    or am I just something washed upon the sand?... more »

  • Don'T Turn Around

    Pushed into unconciousness
    delivered from your smile,
    I wait hear in fear of a lonely dream.... more »

  • Marybeth

    Running through the forest,
    my heart is skipping beats.
    Logs and twigs and branches
    seem to crawl under my feet.... more »

  • Reaching

    I've slept upon this thunder,
    I've slept upon this dream.
    I watch the days go by,
    ripping my tailored seem.... more »

  • The Gallant Flower

    The gallant flower stood with glee
    Swaying in the wind it seemed so carefree.

    Its petals broke off one by one,... more »

  • The Letter

    The Letter lay on the table far off
    mocking her with every move.
    A mystery, immersed in an ebony envelope,
    daring her to come closer.... more »

  • Walk Away

    In the night I hear your whisper
    deafening the painful silence.
    Once more you speak of lost dreams,
    like stolen sweets laid upon your heart.... more »