hi im im just one of those teenagers that is called emo and stuff and skool i dont care really if you have a bad opinion about
i move around alot
just this year of skool ive benn to 3 diffrent skools allready and it my freshman year
i love to read ppls poems beacuse theyr real and most of them i can relate to
i may only be a teenager but i feel like im adult
ive been through alot so basically everything about my life will come out in poems


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Outside Looking In

im on the outside looking in
i just sit back and watch
as drama, love, happiness, pain, and reality unfolds... more »

Did You Hear That?

wait do you hear that?
oooooo never mind you wouldnt care anyway
it was just my heart breaking
my body shaking... more »


when you look at me you just see the image
but when you look behind these eyes there is much more
and no im not talking about some type of prize
theres genuine pain and hurt... more »

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