• Cant You Tell

    cant you tell im still the one hurting
    i wont say it to your face beacuse im the one that has to be strong
    i waut fir the day it all stops and i long......
    for the day the happiness starts... more »

  • Did You Hear That?

    wait do you hear that?
    oooooo never mind you wouldnt care anyway
    it was just my heart breaking
    my body shaking... more »

  • Do You Even Care

    do you even care
    anymore you dont share........
    whats going to happen next in my life... more »

  • Happy At Last

    this feeling is great
    i can feel my heart beat again
    it been so long
    ive tried before... more »

  • How Could You?

    how could you?
    not only were you unfaithful
    you left me with a hard thing
    to even think about... more »

  • I Cant............

    i can barley feel my heart beating
    and when it does it hurts
    the thought the realization
    of possibly losing you... more »

  • I Never Thought

    I never thought that i could ever say that there was a me and you
    i looked from afar
    they stepped on you like you were nothing
    but i saw everything that was special about you... more »

  • If........

    if i lose him i dont know what i'll do
    i love him and he says he loves me to...

    he said that he doesnt want to lose me... more »

  • Outside Looking In

    im on the outside looking in
    i just sit back and watch
    as drama, love, happiness, pain, and reality unfolds... more »

  • Reminders

    when you look at me you just see the image
    but when you look behind these eyes there is much more
    and no im not talking about some type of prize
    theres genuine pain and hurt... more »

  • Scared

    they say thais and that about me
    i wonder what he
    thinks does he think it all true
    he bring me up when im blue... more »

  • Signs Should I?

    there are signs that are telling me
    to let you go
    beacuse you would be better without me
    you deserve the best... more »

  • Tell Me

    i want to here everything that you have to say
    you will attain all of my attention

    your secrets are safe with me... more »

  • What Happend?

    we use to be best friends.......
    but now ur causing me suffaction
    and i dont like your domanantion... more »

  • Why?

    you said that everything about me mattered to you
    my question is why?
    im use to everyone not caring and saying bye... more »

  • Will It Work

    there are so many questions in my head
    when i lay down and go to bed
    im that type of person that worries... more »