• 41 Years Of Fun

    To our dearest mother,

    In your teens,
    You were supreme,... more »

  • Car Trip

    Once apon a time, long, long ago
    Daddy's car broke down when he bumped into a doe.
    Mummy got her mobile, and called it to get towed
    But when the fella came he said it was too big a load.... more »

  • Me! ! !

    Do you have friends, I have friends
    Many friends you see,
    My friends have friends, their friends have friends,
    A friendly life this be.... more »

  • Summer Holidays

    Summer Holidays have come to Australia
    Thongs and singlets are formal regalia
    With sun surf and beer
    for most of the year,... more »

  • To My Dearest Sister

    To my dearest sister
    Thou has a lot to learn.
    So listen while I tell thee
    What brings me much concern.... more »

  • Weight Watching

    Only 3 servigns a day,
    And watch all that pudge melt away.
    An exercise plan you must follow,
    And a book to tell what you should swallow.... more »