• A First Kiss

    A kiss is strong and lips are soft,
    you make me feel like i held a loft,
    when i hold you in my arms all the dreams i have are all forfilled,
    to lose you now i might as well be killed,... more »

  • A Hero That Saves The Day

    The hero was me a friendly person who bares to see someone hurt,
    something changed in me when I saw a boy who got jumped by six people,
    I stopped them from putting him in hospital when you see someone hurt you help them back to their feet,
    quick reaction is to go and report the incident quickly so that the person don't get away from the person on crutches,... more »

  • My Father

    The father i didn't know was on drugs and drunk alot of alcohol,

    when i found out about my real father was hard for me to understand,... more »

  • The Girl I Knew

    ther was girl i once knew, she was so fun to be around,

    when we went to playground it was a laught, but then she became i'll,... more »

  • The Girl I Love

    ... more »