A simple man... A father... Wanting... Needing... Hoping... Waiting... Listening... And smelling the roses along the way... Maybe there will be a chance for love once more... Or maybe just off in the distance out of reach... No matter, I have loved before and that is enough for now.


Bryan Altendorf Poems

The Knife

Cutting, Tearing
Stuck in and never pulled out

Fighting, Crying... more »

I Will Be Here…

Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine you’re holding me
Your chest pressed against my back
Your right hand caressing my arm
Your legs wrapped tenderly with mine... more »

The Sparklers Within!

Alive in the darkness, our sparklers eagerly burn
With a bright light at the center, for all to see
From passion fueling the fierce blaze
Starting from the initial time that we met... more »

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