• A Cure Was Not Ment To Be

    God took a look around
    his garden and found a
    empty place he took a
    look upon earth and saw... more »

  • Always Friends

    We might not have been friends
    from the start but that doesnt
    mean you werent always in my
    heart.I wish i was friends with... more »

  • Baseball

    If school were more like baseball
    we'd only have to play
    we; d hangout in the sunshine
    and run around all day.... more »

  • Bestest Friend!

    When I cry you help me out
    When I'm happy you hear me shout... more »

  • Forever Friends

    Words could never tell you
    How important you'll always be,
    Just little things that you do
    That are especially meant for me.... more »

  • Hating You

    Hating everything about you,
    In the mirror, in public,
    What should I do to you?
    Nothing as usual.... more »

  • I Hate You World

    I wannt break somthing
    bash somthing
    sit down and cry
    hurt someone crush somthing... more »

  • Losing You

    It hurts us so bad,
    When we loose the ones we love;
    Yet we all move on,
    With a little push and shove.... more »

  • Loved Ones

    Loved ones are precious
    I know this for a fact
    and when you lose on
    its like an attack.... more »

  • No Mater The Day

    Whether the day is good or bad,
    Whether I’m feeling happy or sad,
    If I have a need, you’ll comprehend;
    You’ll be there to share and be a friend.... more »

  • Outside

    Outside lives a girl with a smile
    that will brighten up the room
    yet inside hides a girl with a
    frown full of despair.... more »

  • Teasure You

    I teasured every moment
    you spent in life with me
    I hoped to have you longer
    but it was not meant to be.... more »

  • You Dont Understand

    You drive me nuts when you are near,
    You say 'what? ' when I know you hear,
    You ask for three when you only need two,
    You don't understand that I hate you.... more »