Hi im 13 and i like to write poems mostly about love, hate, people leaving me, and cutting. um... i write my best poems when i am experiencng the emotions. i want to be a phychiatrist when i get older, which is pretty funny if you think about all the issues i have. if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me about anything.


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If You.....

If you were a wheel
I'd follow your highway
If you were a raindrop
I wish you'd fall my way... more »


Cracked lips, parched land
Dusty promises of help at hand
Hungry children on Christmas cards
Won't help a world that's growing too fast... more »

Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses

I write my suicide note
So I can be kissed by a butterfly
I can live tonight
But I choose to die... more »

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