• Abuse

    She cries out
    In the middle of the night
    Flashing red and blue
    The only light... more »

  • Acid

    What I cry
    Dripping from my eyes... more »

  • Africa

    Cracked lips, parched land
    Dusty promises of help at hand
    Hungry children on Christmas cards
    Won't help a world that's growing too fast... more »

  • All Alone

    I wish someone could say
    That they will love me forever
    But no one can say that
    They love me to the end of never... more »

  • Am I Not Enough?

    Why do you want to leave me?
    Why do you have to die?
    You say nothing matter
    Don't I?... more »

  • And Then...She Was Gone

    Once there was a lonely girl
    Who wished for things she did not need
    She would kneel down on her knees
    For hours she would beg and plead... more »

  • And Then...She Was Gone (Part 2)

    She chose to walk alone
    Though others wondered why
    Refused to look before her,
    Kept eyes cast upwards,... more »

  • Back Muse, Red Muse

    Black muse
    Red muse
    Blood ooze... more »

  • Bars

    The bars on my life
    Imprisoning me with my only hope, a knife
    Blood smeared from trying to break free
    Locks on my box... more »

  • Battle Of The Reflections

    You look in the mirror
    See your reflection
    Everything you do
    It’s already done... more »

  • Blood Level

    Every night you'd come home, blood level 4.0
    Eyes glazed over, I'm constantly screaming NO
    Next morning you wake up with no reccolection
    Hug me, love me, show your affection... more »

  • Cosmic Kisses

    I'm sending you cosmic kisses straight from my heart
    A planet collision won't tear us apart
    The distance between us is never too far;
    I'll hitch a ride on a comet to get where you are... more »

  • I Tried

    I tried
    To commit
    Suicide... more »

  • Craig (Goodbye)

    They said it was to protect me from the truth
    But really they just lied
    They can't push the trush under the rug
    They can't hide the fact that you died... more »

  • Damaged Beauty

    He's frequently flawless but often unkind
    This fallen angel drives you out of your mind
    He's the devil beneath you and you ought to know
    He has to go, you really should know... more »

  • Doomed

    All are doomed to burn
    Love feeds the flames
    Days of endless pains
    And the smoke takes each in turn... more »

  • Everything Reminds Me Of Him

    Everything reminds me of him
    Every song, every word
    Every building, the flight of a bird
    Every tear, every smile... more »

  • Goddess Of Imaginery

    I am the goddess of imaginery
    I contain all thats not real
    Broken wishes and shattered dreams
    I belong here... more »

  • Goodbye Father Time, Hello Death

    Hello Father Time
    Nice to meet you
    May I see my clock?... more »

  • Goodbye My Friend

    Sometimes it seems
    Like it can disappear so fast
    But everything goes away
    Nothing will ever last... more »

  • Grafitti

    The thoughts that cause me pain
    Splattered on the walls
    Decorating the room
    Like a red grafitti... more »

  • How To Stop The Cycle

    Time seems infinite
    Life goes on forever
    The cycle repeats
    It doesn't end, ever... more »

  • I Dissappear

    You don't care, do you?
    You don't care if I die
    Don't say you do
    It will just be a lie... more »

  • I Hope You'Re Happy

    I can't rewind time
    But I wish I was never born
    If I was gone
    No one would mourn... more »

  • I Miss You Daddy

    It was always the best part of the day
    When her daddy would come home to play
    Every night was sealed with funny words and a kiss
    Every time she jumped, he never missed... more »