• I Understand

    I don't understand
    Why can't I see?
    The world is blurred
    What's wrong with me?... more »

  • If You.....

    If you were a wheel
    I'd follow your highway
    If you were a raindrop
    I wish you'd fall my way... more »

  • Infinity

    You're born to die
    Life is a lie

    Put a mask on, do your show... more »

  • It Isn'T. He Doesn'T

    It isn't true
    He doesn't love me
    It isn't real
    He doesn't see... more »

  • It's Only Me

    I scream but no one hears
    I cry but no one can see
    These things really happen
    But they only happen to me... more »

  • Jerk In Tainted Armor

    I knew it was too good to be true
    I knew you couldn't be real
    My heart is scarred
    And will never completely heal... more »

  • Just A Dream

    Since the very beginning,
    My friend said we should meet,
    And when I met you,
    My heart skipped a beat.... more »

  • Love Is White

    Love is white
    Trees are green
    Sea is blue
    Black is night... more »

  • Monsters

    Bleeding and tearing
    Screaming and fearing

    The monster under the bed... more »

  • My Box

    Trapped in my box
    5 foot 8 inches tall
    I waste away
    Know I’m too small... more »

  • My Knight

    It makes me happy
    When you say it, too
    It puts a smile on my face
    When you say 'I love you'... more »

  • My Story

    I see the girl
    She makes her choice
    I am invisible
    I have no voice... more »

  • My White Crayon

    You are my white crayon
    You fill the spaces I feel most empty
    Hidden on white paper
    Only on color can you be seen... more »

  • Nowhere To Go, Nothing To Know

    There's nothing left to do
    My life is falling through

    Pieces can't be whole... more »

  • Parts Of Pain

    The skin
    So pale
    Frail... more »

  • Photograph

    You see the real one... more »

  • Poor Thing

    It happens to other people
    You say how say, you say poor thing
    But when it's you, it's different,
    It's everything... more »

  • Reverse

    Cherry, whipped cream
    Chocolate sauce, ice cream

    I can't enjoy it, I wish I could... more »

  • Six Feet Below

    I'm writing this story
    From six feet below
    You're all here for me
    This is my show... more »

  • So Damn Confused

    I've been used
    Myself I've abused
    You make me so damn confused... more »

  • Someday I Will Be Loved

    They all pretend they care
    But when I needed them, they weren't there
    The emptiness wont go away
    I just want to be ok... more »

  • Stuck

    Kiss me
    Hold my hand
    On the count of three
    We'll leave this land... more »

  • Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses

    I write my suicide note
    So I can be kissed by a butterfly
    I can live tonight
    But I choose to die... more »

  • Swingset Wings

    I'm all alone
    Sitting on the swings
    I leap off
    And grow wings... more »

  • The Days Alone

    If you really love me
    Why did you pick her?
    I thought we were happy
    Of that I was sure... more »