BT Bud Taylor December 17,1964

My favorite summer job was at wilderness canoe co-leader in the Whiteshell Provincial Park on the Lake Mantario Trail. One morning after an early hike and paddle i was returning to the cabin and found my co-leader swimming near the dock with a family of loons cavorting round and making a ruckus. One broke off and flew to my nearing canoe danced for me on the waters, calling out a hallo

The most refreshing experience i had was upon the moraine path to Robson Glacier at the feet of Mount Robson. After an exhausting hike i looked up from the moraine strewn path to find a breeze lift from the cooling glacier flow over my weary body and carry my heart heaven ward

It was near there i found two hoary marmots on the meadows of Snowbird Pass greeting hikers on the way to the summit of the trail overlooking Robson Park


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'Remember there's a mile in every smile, a well in dwell'
I sat quietly, uttering not a word, while my coffee grew cold.
Lady of the Longboard
It is true that i love the blue butterfly
Lady of the Longboard

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Great to meet you Bud and share our love of literature.