• A Stray Horse

    One day a stray horse
    arrived in the Valley

    Tired, beaten they arrived... more »

  • A Typewriter Fancy

    Once it were a typewriter fancy
    cut copy paste make handy
    now it boggles the mind
    to keep Greenwich time... more »

  • Bill Murray Dareall

    European front WW I make waste
    two college mates to France make haste
    ambulance drivers in jeopardy chase
    leaders' post calamity did case... more »

  • Dove: Land Sighted Victory

    Striding through the silvered trees
    cherish the soft velvet hum of
    Spring dappled bumblebees... more »

  • Fair Whispers

    A chorous of dawns and fallow begones
    gentle tickles of cilia and echo ripples
    now a tender tug of chords vocal and projecting
    two soulful minds reason in kind... more »

  • Find Where The Chasm Narrows

    Let me tell you of a stallion
    There is power in his withers deep and strong
    Light & fleet his croup that of a dancer
    A sheath of black glossy and long... more »

  • Frank Cormack And The Forty Sticks Of Dynamite

    Frank Cormack was a demolitions man
    working coal seam number eight
    in the boom town of Cumberland
    on Vancouver Island in 1933... more »

  • Hope

    ... more »

  • Imagination Abounds

    Look up look around
    Look at the deep green surronds
    Look at the sea dream on the beach
    Look at the mountains birds soaring high out of reach... more »

  • Lady Of The Longboard

    My dearest Brother
    I heard you were Unable to make plans for the holidays
    Breezed into Ottawa to share a cup of coffee
    Let us catch up at Tim's in the Market Square... more »

  • Liberty The Princess Of Freedom

    There's a free in freedom
    a dominate in dom
    dominate implies ownership
    terminates empowerment... more »

  • Lone Cricket Riveting

    Here i find myself adrift and weathering
    night sonata calling the tune riveting
    it isn't a lark to sit in the dark
    an etching echo lift my dreams resonating... more »

  • Lost On The Desert

    Lost on the 'Ocean of Fire'
    Exhausted, tattered
    The sun searing
    It cannot compete, my thirst for you... more »

  • My Quill Has An Edge Exciting

    Hello, hello find you days fair
    while we race days exacting
    open this cell find my lady still cares
    at sunrise holding hands double dare... more »

  • My Sweetheart's Sigh In A Midnight Sky

    From the gabled glints of a sunset mint
    another soothing stroll along lamplit streets
    to a golden sunrise with celestial surprise
    you and i rocking till dawn shakes the bleaks... more »

  • No I In Time

    ... more »

  • Oh To Fly, Oh To Fly

    Perched on the cliff face
    Looking at a brave, new world
    I cry from the wilderness, hear it today
    Hear it for a thousand years... more »

  • One Sense Left

    If my hearing did lose
    no melody or chord on piano played
    nor sonorous tone on clarinet heard
    not one jot of scale or note... more »

  • Praise The Trailblazers

    Gramps & Nana have an apt for adapting
    no challenge too high or troublesome tryed
    he at typewriter and engines exacting
    she caring & painting memories refracting... more »

  • Remember Yesterday It Was You And I

    Remember Yesterday it was you and i

    Yesterday setting out to sea
    It was you and i... more »

  • Ridership

    'The good of the many
    outweigth the good of the few'
    or the issue of the one... more »

  • Seagulls, The Yonder In Beyond

    One blue, blue day
    sky so vivid squint the eyes
    row my skiff in heaving trys
    turn a page find the sacred in sacrifice... more »

  • Smile

    Remember there's a mile in every smile
    a well in every dwell

    Smile before you rise... more »

  • Summer Showers And Dogwood Flowers

    British Columbia symbol traditional a coastal pinnacle
    day of splendid sunshine showers
    35mm loop of a hollow in a small deciduous wood
    80 feet taller Steller's Jay nightly bower... more »

  • The Air In Chair

    Reaching great heights we board
    on waxed wings we souls soar
    returning to Earth finding solace in rebirth
    building castles in heavens fair... more »