Bud Taylor Quotes

For with just this one I could make believe each and rest imagination all will free
One sense left
Image cast upon a page Without doubt eternally brave
The Shortboard Exercises: A Tribute to Rell Sunn
Vessels and transit are carbon sinks or carbon reservoirs
Bud Taylor
This paradigm shift is called ridership on trains, or just plain Ridership and may occur anywhere people are travelling on vessels
Bud Taylor
Found the anger in danger fly butterfly fly
The anger in danger
There is no i, no me in time
Bud Taylor
The vision of the one or the patent pool of the few cradles the future of the many
Find the gentle rain in train
Bud Taylor
Some of its hoky, the rest okey dokey
Bud Taylor
Not lack a clickety-clack, a quest well met and never look back
The gentle rain in train