Bud Taylor Quotes

How now these talents foster and guide when fine paper awaits the ink in think boldly
The ink in think
Working oodles of doodles into mind and meaning
The ink in think
Taking our turns at a symphony delightly
My quill has an edge exciting
Open this cell to find my Lady still cares And find at sunrise holding hands we double dare
My quill has an edge exciting
Retturning to Earth finding solace in rebirth building castles in heavens fair
The air in chair
There's a river that flows from a glacier of old and the story told of children bold
The Petals in a Glacial flow
Boy tops the ridge to take in the valley rift remembered reckless and blind to a bridge in time suspended seasons capture their tears on the petals which flow unended
The Petals in a Glacial Flow
Upon sandbanks casting a line with Mississippi current marking time
The Raft in Tom's Craft
Not forgotten fishing gear and bait four frying catfish will appetite abate
The Raft in Tom's Craft
I would set forth a thousand times to fetch thee a starlit sky casting all beneathe your silk clad sandalled feet
My Sweetheart's Sigh in a Midnight Sky