Budhashaya Behera


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I am so grateful to Budhashaya Behera....who has a word of appreciation for many of my poems. I have started noticing this humble poetess who has recently risen in the firmament of poem hunter as a shining star. Her devotional poetry is imbued with deep feelings of love and worship for the Lord Krishna and let me call her another Meera! Wish her all the Best!
Wow! Wow! Just I have read poems of this great poetess, who has reflected her thought of devotion in each of her lovely work! Budhashaya Behera is very nice and a genius poetess. This Indian poetess is a mystic poetess. She has great power of motivation that I have realized after reading her beautiful poems. May her pen continue more!
We welcome a promising star on the horizon of this forum. Your humility coupled with the grace of God Almighty shapes your style and depth of thought. My Best Wishes to You.
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