• ......Bribe Me With Sunny Days....

    Don't try to bribe me with sunny days and breezy afternoons,
    tell me you have good news for me and that I won, again.
    Don't speak to me about the warmth of your heart, or soul....
    not a good thing to tell me you found me a new book, or old read.... more »

  • 12 New Ideas

    These twelve new ideas are the result of an individual's experience. We are creative beings...we are all co-creators.

    1. We admitted we are powerful creative beings, that our lives are direct reflection of our use of our inner creative imaginative spirit.... more »

  • A Big Hand Made Star

    How Do You Put a Star in the Sky?
    Auto had worked hard, gathering nails, wood. Like a hammer, saw, chisel and stuff. He was as determined as the very word determined could be. He had his doubts as any, at such an enormous task to even the most talented or skilled.... more »

  • A Bird That Is I

    Flying as a free spirit,
    playing with the winds of chance,
    landing on roof tops, ledges, and happenstance.
    As I preen my wings, snacks of bugs,... more »

  • A Collection....

    Revelations release Source,
    from persistant pursuit of the Light.
    Deny advice from those in dark,
    to do so would place you in darkness as well.... more »

  • A Few Ideas

    The reaches of outer space is in the journey inward

    The alchemy of the world is the marriage of Soul with spirit... more »

  • A Few Minutes Ago

    Just minutes ago, that is to reference a time, a time that now only exist in memory, I (me, my person) was at a referenced space and time minutes ago almost as great certainty, not to infer any ambiguous meaning,... more »

  • A Free Form

    Free Form...isn't that what is the basis for the whole reality
    we think we observe?

    A complete, without reasons presented, whole does it all,... more »

  • A Kind Of Peacefulness

    What was lost, wasn't.
    What was stolen, remains.
    What was removed, holds.
    When I began to dream these truths it gave me solace.... more »

  • A Letter To Another

    I have meditated for every since I can remember.
    Even as a child I remember going into temporary 'awake dreams' where often I would dream as I wanted it to be before some family problems.

    Other times I sat the entire class of a subject and instead of doing the test or work the teacher gave, I would enter my inner world and walk great fields of grass or hike sunny mountains. Often I would be drawn out by a teacher yelling at me to wake up. Then I didnt know it was what we call meditation.... more »

  • A Memory

    Qube floated down that silent stream riding on the green leaf. Dahlia was blossoming and had the openness of the air, and her graceful warmth was a symbol of what it meant to be female.

    But no one knew where the Mole was digging it’s deeper and deeper hole. No one cared to find out what the mole knew, or didn’t know. The mole carried about it’s daily dig, in pursuit of nursing morsels of pleasure.... more »

  • A Mistake....

    did we fall, or grow,
    did we sin, or miss the mark?
    did we make a mistake, or error on some part.
    did we cross the line, or step beyond our place?... more »

  • A Mixing Of....To A Poem

    ... more »

  • A Mysterious Angelic Music

    Can we cry at seeing a new foal being born?
    Can we feel the tingle at the sight of a beautiful sunset?
    Does the playful charge of our cat towards an open field cheer us up?
    When a person is killed in an accident, do they have to be known to us for us to really feel something?... more »

  • A Mystical Celebration Of Clues

    The last thing that has to happen,
    is an emotional move towards the veil
    positive, streams of living
    giving us our own way into Life.... more »

  • A Mystical Chamber Of Imagination

    The Chamber of Imagination, found inside of every human,
    sometimes gives way to seekers who try, effort themselve's of entry.
    Though it be incased in worldly matters and trifles,
    where some are lacking understanding;... more »

  • A Mystical Dragon.....

    A Mystical Dragon went about it's day,
    when a Mystical white bird flew in sky,
    as a Mystical fire burned away,
    while Mystical butterflies soared up high.... more »

  • A Poem That Addresses My Life

    I am searching for the poem, which addresses my life.
    It should be a carefully written simple device.
    Started when I just came about, after mother’s torrid delivery.
    Simple with steps, and verse that wept, with strong inheritance.... more »

  • A Return

    Consciousness of ever greater expansion is enough,
    insight, illumination, awareness, all,
    becoming an unusual, but seen as usual,
    Blackness, Nothingness approve's....... more »

  • A Sardonic Thought Form

    Mining my private cloud of ideas, it becomes apparent that if I never asked the right question, I will have never arrived at the right answer.

    Leaving questions unanswered made me think that I cannot ask all possible questions anyway, not in one lifetime. What does that make me think?... more »

  • A Seemingly Elusive Depth

    Hush! ,
    Can you hear it?
    Be still, can you hear, the music of the Silence?
    The awesomeness, the clarity, of the Eternal Silence?... more »

  • A Sensing Of Parallel Constructs

    Can I not, being human - find answers to such basic questions?
    Why is it so hard to know what I think I should know?
    Sensing parallel constructs, I reach and only exercise my reach.
    In dreams they come as flashes and fade away, I wait will another day.... more »

  • A Simple Request

    Engage me at the epicenter of thought,
    bring me invisible ideas, or questions.
    Let me float along with your euphoria,
    imagining new realities,... more »

  • A Speck In The Youniverse

    Such is the fate of a speck in the youniverse,
    to float along the wave of existence, without plan or knowing.
    Yet part of the mass, still small of the dust,
    this speck travels a long living view.... more »

  • A Taste Of Living

    Wanting a poem is like setting on an adventure.
    It takes your heart and mind on a mental/spiritual journey that passes compassion, as it is so much more. Encourages consideration thru beauty, and becomes apart of the seeker of the poem.

    While the mystical conjunction is more than words jumbled, it gives the reader a certain contentment which surpasses all understanding. Whether practical or more it emparts joy, or sadness, which is drama, what life is often made of.... more »