• A Consideration

    If you are a friend
    Then give me something
    A present or something like that
    That’s what friends are for... more »

  • Absinthe

    It blew my head off
    After just one glass
    I thought I would be alright
    I didn’t want to start a fight... more »

  • Aftermath Of A Party

    The room looks lonely now
    In despair of the nights activity
    Bedraggled and covered
    With spilt alcohol and ash... more »

  • Bar 501

    It's 5.01 and the night has blocked out the day
    The lemmings leave their luminous buildings
    Heading for a happy hour to keep the blues at bay... more »

  • Filth

    Rip up the houses
    Rip them all down
    Replace them with factories
    Replace them with towns... more »

  • Industry

    Although the sun shines
    Nothing can erase the smog
    Bleak, baron buildings surround
    The tedious toil of the cog... more »

  • My New Flat

    My dog is dirty
    It’s messed up the floor
    I don’t need this hassle
    I don’t want any more... more »

  • Strange Toast

    I woke up early this morning
    With feeling that I’ve never had
    There was Nostalgia Pain and Sorrow
    I thought that I’d gone mad... more »

  • Summersday

    A yellow capped flower dances in the breeze
    Which seems strange considering the stillness of the sky
    Grass shivers and sways like a shiny green blanket, rippling and ruffled
    Chaffinch and rook echo through the tranquillity... more »

  • The Hellhole

    What the hell is this I see?
    On the first day of the tenancy
    It really is a sight to behold
    Dirty carpet overrun with mould... more »

  • The Little Lamb

    It was a bad lamb and a mad lamb and it wanted a piece of meat
    It didn't want any bloody grass like it was supposed to eat
    It pulled its lips back in a snarl and bared its herbivorous teeth
    And snorted through its nose like some wild and dangerous beast... more »

  • The Pa

    There was a young lady called Rosemary Baker,
    It was said she could work yet no-one could make her.

    She was pretty, most clever and occasionally flirty... more »

  • Umbrella

    I never lost my umbrella, nor did she ever lose me.
    Misplaced on occasions tho' temporary.

    Other brollies have come, but come only to leave.... more »