• A Victree

    Yes, only God can make a tree,
    but the planting’s left to you and me.
    A little sapling, some tiny seeds,
    can grow to meet man’s daily needs.... more »

  • A Walk Through Erin (Ireland)

    The green of Ireland’s shores, like
    the constant kiss of spring,
    From Derrybeg to Westport and down
    to the Kerry Ring.... more »

  • As Points Of Light

    Ten million lights of kindness,
    each shining in its place,
    Would brighten up our nation
    and inspire the human race.... more »

  • Baby Teeth

    Tiny tyke is teething
    so she’s crying quite a bit.
    She tries to stand up in her crib
    but falls, so has to sit.... more »

  • 'Bo'

    There’s a little guy at your house
    whose as cute as he can be.
    Not that he’s tall and handsome,
    he’s no higher than your knee.... more »

  • By Design

    Who can hold a baby in one’s arms and then dare to say,
    That there is no God-creator who made a child that way?
    Two eyes that stare in wonder when they look into your face,
    Two little ears with which to hear and a tiny nose in place.... more »

  • Childhood

    As we stand outside the playground,
    through the fence we look and see,
    the little children at their play,
    as was done by you and me.... more »

  • Fuming

    None are quite as strange as those,
    who blow out smoke from mouth and nose.... more »

  • Hospital Sleep

    What a place to lie and rest,
    between white sheets,
    so neatly pressed.... more »

  • 'Irish Nurses Are Beautiful People” (…and That’s No Blarney)

    ‘Tis quite a day on Erin Isle,
    A day when even cynics smile,
    And hardly can a man be seen
    Who’s dressed without a bit of green.... more »

  • It Was Just You

    It wasn’t the music, it wasn’t the moon
    It wasn’t the garden, with its flowers in bloom.
    It wasn’t the stars or the soft breeze that blew,
    It was none of these things dear, it was just YOU... more »

  • It's Your Choice

    Without a sense of humor, you’re
    defeated from the start,
    For you lack the gift that may
    give a lift to your sad and hurting... more »

  • Memorial Sounds

    Old Glory fluttered in the breeze,
    while birds sang gaily from the trees.
    The prayers were prayed and speeches said,
    each one made mention of the dead.... more »

  • My Evening Thanks

    Tonight, dear God, I thank thee,
    For Thy blessings through the day,
    For the air I breathe,
    For my cares that leave,... more »

  • No Blarney

    I’ll tell you true, it is no blarney,
    From Dublin Town to old Killarney,
    The Leprechauns would dance with glee
    To learn of what you gave to me.... more »

  • One Sweet, Tiny, Harmless Ant

    I watched a little ant one day.... as on my desk it made its way..... Through letters, pins and paper weights...
    It scurried, turned, would hesitate....... more »

  • Our Flag

    Some say it’s just a symbol and deserves no special care

    They trample and they burn it; spit upon it on a dare... more »

  • Par For The Curse

    There has never been a little sphere
    to cause more consternation,
    Than that simple, dimpled, white round thing
    that we use for recreation.... more »

  • Pro-Death?

    “Save the whales and save the dolphins,
    fringed–toed lizards and the rats,
    But destroy the unborn babies; they’re
    just senseless, human brats.”... more »

  • Revealed Values

    How crude the rock that holds the gem,
    Unpolished, dull, and dead.
    How valueless the stone appears in its
    Cold and vault-like bed,... more »

  • Saint Patrick's Day

    It’s a day of celebration, lots of laughter and
    some tears,
    as we think of godly Patrick and his mark upon
    the years.... more »

  • Skin Deep

    There is no place for prejudice
    within the human race,
    Basing one’s love or hatred on
    the color of the face.... more »

  • Snowflakes

    Tiny snowflakes, beyond number,
    each one with its own design,
    falling to their destination, on
    the ground, now see them shine.... more »

  • Strollin' In The Rain

    Strolling in the rain, singing a sweet refrain,
    Just my gal and I alone.
    Though it’s far from being fair we- don’t care,
    We have sunshine of our very own.... more »

  • The Encinitas Illegal

    You see me waiting with
    the others
    Some are friends, some are
    brothers.... more »