• A Diamond

    There was set in life to be
    A diamond born,
    Twas his destiny.
    Though once he starting growing,... more »

  • A Story

    This is a story...a story of old,
    One that I am sure has already been told.
    Just not my way.... more »

  • A Sweet Boy

    I want to tell you of a sweet boy.
    One of the sweetest my heart has known.
    The things we could learn from him are so unknown.
    His eyes are so big and wide and brown.... more »

  • A Tickle

    I get a tickle every time I think of your smiling face...
    How your heart and being was so full of delicate Grace.
    How you could find the good in every single thing,
    I get a tickle.... more »

  • Alone

    When I look around I see people around me and yet I am alone.
    Alone in a world that depending on how you see it will either make you or break you.
    The alone I have is something that takes time and God to relieve,
    The people in my life have done nothing but deceive.... more »

  • Angry People

    Angry people, you see them all the time.
    On the buses, on the streets, in the grocery line.
    I swear I think it is hilarious to watch them huff and puff
    and roll their eyes and shake thier hips...... more »

  • Angry Words

    In the beginning I let you know,
    About angry words, and how deep they go.
    And what it meant to me that they not be said.
    As the anger in your heart began to show,... more »

  • Backwards

    Why is she called a butterfly?
    Why was her name given Vanessa?
    Everything was because that was the way it was supposed to be,
    Lean in closer and listen to me.... more »

  • Bleeding Butterfly

    I'm a bleeding butterfly.
    My wings are made of glass but are strong enough to carry me.
    My spirit glides like the summer breeze..
    Fragile yet untouched.... more »

  • Confusion

    What is it about confusion..
    The lies that distort things and throw us into an infusion
    Of fury or hurt or feelings of rejection,
    Is it real or just a reflection.... more »

  • First Meeting

    Pulse racing at the thought of your kiss...
    Can I really go thru with this?
    Heart beating faster with every breath,
    Do I have any courage left?... more »

  • For My Brother

    Why is it that you allow this venom that runs thru our veins to destroy yet again another generation?
    The twisted tainted past of wrong decisions selfishness evil and disgust that plague the spirit man begging to be freed inside yourself...
    I sit in despair and helplessness as you taunt your loved ones so desperately watching you hanging dangling by a thread so close to losing your life and the lives of those around you to the agony of self destruction and lies, loathing hate and anguish seeping from your pores with the smell of alcohol and fury.
    And at what point exactly did you decide to open the door to all those things take over your life...causing you and everone else around you strife?... more »

  • Free

    Feeling frozen as my fingers and mouth burn like no other.
    Numb from the pain inside as my tears I can no longer hide.
    Wonder why the depth of this pain,
    Praying it washes away with the rain.... more »

  • Glimpse Of Me

    The tingle as my lips begin to swell,
    I know this feeling, oh yes, I know it well.
    Oh how my excitement builds..
    Counting the beats as they pulse thru my body.... more »

  • Good And Bad

    When he draws me near so many things become so clear.
    Tiny things become so magnified and significant.
    Good and bad.
    His hands caressing me,... more »

  • Happiness Is...

    Happiness is when you can look him in the eyes and see the beauty he has inside.
    It is also the feeling you get when he touches your face and then you get a warm embrace.
    Happiness is when he kisses your lips and moves his hands down your hips.... more »

  • I Am Not The Same As You

    I am not the same as you..
    This I hope you will see..
    I thought what we had was special..that you really believed in me.... more »

  • I Don'T Like You Anymore

    I don't like you anymore.
    You remind me of a cancre sore.
    Everytime I think you're gone,
    Right back you come along.... more »

  • I See You Everyday

    It's in the way he smiles,
    The mannerisms that take my breath away.
    My little boy has your spitfire,
    All the things about you that I admire.... more »

  • I Used To Call Him Dad

    I used to call him dad,
    Now I call him sad.
    He is dead to me just like my mother.
    My real dad died long ago and she married him thereafter.... more »

  • Leave Me Alone.

    I do not care what you have to say to me.
    Your words are of no meaning.
    You walk this earth yet you don't exist,
    Your love for me, I must resist.... more »

  • Loneliness

    Loneliness and solitued grasp me around my neck.
    I would cry but the lump in my throat combined won't let me.
    That lonely hole inside me is like a cavern that lasts forever,
    I wish my mom was here.... more »

  • Look Down On Me

    Oh sweet angels from up above look down on me.
    Show me the path that leads a way,
    A path to bring me happiness every day.
    Hold me up when I want to fall down,... more »

  • Lord Help Me.

    All is dark, cold and lonely.
    I am reaching out for something that i've lost.
    The world is so big and though i am grown, i am so small.
    Trying to come out of the fog that this cruel cycle of life has left me in,... more »

  • Love So Lost

    What happens when love isn't enough?
    When things are hard and times are tough.
    Seems there is no end in sight,
    Though you try with all your might.... more »