• Mama

    Her eyes sparkle,
    Her smile like the sunshine.
    I hope she'll always be the closest friend of mine.
    Her heart like the pot of gold.. something inside of her I'll always hold while her story is quietly told.... more »

  • Melancholy

    What is this feeling that I carry around..
    The one that kicks me further to the ground?
    This feeling around that I carry with me..
    It never lets me be.... more »

  • Mothers

    What is it about Mothers that are like magic?
    The smile on their face..
    The sparkle in their eye..
    Is it the element of thought and surprise?... more »

  • My Bruver

    My bruver is my bruver he has always been,
    No matter where life has taken us,
    We've always been friends.
    We can say you really did a crappy thing,... more »

  • My Cloud

    My garden is full of memories that I allow to serve me well.
    When I am on my cloud I am able to envision them all.
    Swirling happily in a mist of brilliant colors that will devour me if I fall.
    The feeling of tingles they mingle and wind all tied up in a frenzy inside of my mind.... more »

  • My Little Boy

    Oh the beauty of my little boy.
    I hear his footsteps in the earliest of early.
    A happy chuckle from down the hall,
    Who said you can't have it all?... more »

  • My Mind Is Excited

    My mind is excited,
    Is very aroused...is that the feeling,
    Or is it my cloud...
    Taking me where I want to go,... more »

  • My Reality

    My soul wants to cry as I look around and wonder why..
    Work then hospital then home to die.
    Pick up my child pretend not to be numb,
    Put on my happy face and stick up my thumb.... more »

  • My Reality Ii

    Now here I am once again,
    my stomach is a mess.
    I pull myself out of bed and manage to get dressed.
    Get my son and off we go...... more »

  • New Days

    Sometimes throughout particular days,
    Something strikes my mind.
    It could be a scent, a glance, something of any kind.
    It takes me back to her and them.... more »

  • Not Sure Why

    Not sure why I was thinking it was real..
    All the love and wonderful things I thought I really did feel.
    Maybe it was a dream when I though my heart did heal.... more »

  • Only You

    This seclusion that only you surrounds me.
    I am frail and cold laying on the floor..
    Shaking uncontrollably as I hear loud echoes of your voice saying
    'come find me when you need me...'... more »

  • Parallel

    There is a part of me that is on the other side..
    It walks with me parallel.
    Like a mirror every single day, and when I get curious to see me,
    I have to turn my head and look away.... more »

  • Quietness

    I sat down to write this poem.
    Usually that is not my style.
    So I am opening my mind and letting it spew.... more »

  • Reconciliation

    I reconciled my anger today.
    I faced it head on, was honest about it and then tried to tuck it away.
    That did not work so I wrote you a letter.
    I told you both that I know what you did.... more »

  • Revolving Door

    What is time but something that fills in the gaps,
    The gaps between memories, days gone by and breaths that we take.
    It seems to be a revolving door.
    As seasons come and seasons go,... more »

  • Short Burst Of Emotions

    Yearning to be freed from the cycle of hurt that surrounds my being.
    I scream and cry on the inside but you would never know it.
    This cycle that invades my innermost thoughts is one of self destruction held tightly in silence.
    Being as though I am in a way faking it until I make it...... more »

  • Silence So Loud

    Where once was the smell of love in the kitchen,
    Is now filled with Silence So Loud.
    Where once was the sound of love and laughter is now filled with the smell of emptiness...
    and echoes that return what seems like forever.... more »

  • Tell The Truth

    Why is it that you cannot tell the truth?
    Do I not deserve to have that part of you?
    All this time we have fought so hard to have the love we desire.... more »

  • Thankful

    What is around this life that I see?
    Someone is staring at every turn, hoping that I will crash and burn.
    Someone is glaring at the back of my head.. judging me..loathing me.... more »

  • Three Little Boys

    Three little boys
    Into everything.
    Throwing this,
    Throwing that.... more »

  • Too Bad

    All of your lies, manipulation and demise
    Have all led up to how I despise
    You and your jacked up way of thinking...
    One minute you are high and then you are low,... more »

  • Torn

    Time eludes me as I look around a beautiful empty room.
    A wonderful place I call home.
    The reflections of lights calling me home
    securing me to feel safe and warm.... more »

  • Untitled

    The symphony of flutter and the sweetest caresses of butterfly wings

    Fill me softly, make my heart sing.... more »

  • What I See

    In his eyes I see dramatic poetry
    The words of a thousand memories
    Running like a vigorous stream
    Flowing freely over stones.... more »