• A Better Heart

    Why is your heart Like This?
    Made from water
    With a life-giving spring
    Flowing with love and justice.... more »

  • A Dream Within A Dream

    I dreamed that I was dreaming
    And a presence entered my room;
    I could not move or twitch
    But placed my mind on the LORD.... more »

  • A Glimmer Of Hope

    Like any life you began at conception:
    you never asked to be here;
    two lives met, love sparked,
    passion exploded, you made.... more »

  • A Herbal Mystic

    Rastaman, fight them back
    With a heart attack.
    Lick them back,
    Like them beat you down.... more »

  • A Jamaican Response

    Every time me walk by you smile
    What so funny bout me, eh?
    Dutty gully cover me face?
    You see rough road... more »

  • A Lover's Bickering

    Deep in my innermost part
    I feel her desire,
    Her greatest hope,
    Is to see me dead.... more »

  • A Silent Place

    The lights bend
    As a single person approaches
    The sparsely furnished hallway
    As if they felt him.... more »

  • A Solid Black

    I am a solid black
    The mystery ridiculed
    And misunderstood
    On the pages.... more »

  • A Spiritual Encounter

    He became acquainted
    with the spirit
    at an after-party;
    the disc jockey changed... more »

  • A Vivid Dream

    As tightly as I held,
    The moss-laden parapet,
    I still feared slipping
    To the assumed ground,... more »

  • A Work Story

    He stood still
    For thirty laborious years
    To let the blood drip;
    Eventually, it stopped... more »

  • Abba Sigh

    In the midst of terror
    Dry bones sing
    Earth vomits
    Innocent blood shed... more »

  • Admonition

    Sons and daughters
    Respect authority
    In this World System
    You need clarity... more »

  • African Rhythms


    Jumping on strings
    bending time,... more »

  • Agony

    Ever wonder how He felt?
    Praying in the garden
    His students asleep
    Could not watch for an hour... more »

  • All The Way

    Emotions twisting
    Mind racing towards the end
    Uncontrolled life edging
    Pray to the Deity... more »

  • An Architect

    I never met him
    But I know his work
    Imagine how valiantly
    He moved through the winds... more »

  • An Old Tune, An Old Song

    The Far Right tear bandages
    Off racial wounds
    With talk about food stamps;
    Like their ancestors,... more »

  • Anansi

    Anansi, the clever trickster
    Always takes center stage
    Hard as he tried
    Could not trick brother dog... more »

  • Anemic Capitalism

    Communism is a fraud
    But anemic capitalism aint no saint
    The poor and marginalized
    Not counted... more »

  • Answered Prayer

    ... more »

  • Architectural Thesis

    There is a place
    Dark and light
    Visible and invisible
    Where people come... more »

  • Are Babies Truly Like This?

    To see you smile
    Is Water in the desert;
    Contours not constrained by time.
    Keep on smiling... more »

  • Ashes

    Skins on bones
    upstaged the ash pile
    in a damp narrow hut,
    crouched before their executioners.... more »

  • Before Twilight Dawns

    He lays in repose
    With a Purple Heart.
    Fought gallantly,
    With a purpose... more »