Born the son of a farmer and school teacher; raised to love hard work and the diversity of life; grew to love dirty Martinies, fine cigars and dice; Tried to live out the white picket fence Americian dream; Gave up to live out a life crossed between Hemingway Novels, Jimmy Buffet songs and e.e. cumming's poems; Fathered two of the most bueatiful childern in the world; Now spends his time raising his son and daughter and enjoying the breif adventures that life brings documenting his soul with poetry.


Byron Headrick Poems

7 Days Later (Katrina 2005)

I’m sad today
(Not the day the storm came
Killing the poor and elderly)
BUT... more »

Orgasms And Happiness

Honey, wanna fly
Take a walk upon the steel rails – slide
Skidding, three-sixties the world turns below
Into fear. Wanna take a dive... more »

After Reading An Article On Illegal Asian Immigration

I have not known the
Salty taste the ocean
Leaves settled in the
Mouths of drown victims... more »

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