• Bound

    Bound in a prison
    of my own making
    a Christ who's risen
    a Christ awakening... more »

  • Charity

    Give Charity
    Without duality
    Give secretly
    Not strategically... more »

  • Connect

    Both you and I, great and small
    Are born to die or rise and fall.
    The laws immutable
    Are not disputable... more »

  • Desert

    An absoluteness shorn by wind.
    Yellow sea, isles of yellow rocks;
    Free of contradictions.
    No walls, portals nor windows,... more »

  • Eagle

    Show me a crystal that is clear or a clear way worth walking

    Or a forgiveness appreciated that was just given away... more »

  • Faith

    Faithful come, succumb and crumble
    A shadow on a mirror on a puddle
    A pungent remnant of this perfumed tune
    As I sing a song to me... more »

  • Father

    This is the green of great father’s
    Sheep and geese and the pond
    Floods with late winters’ rains;
    Rains run rivulets of tears... more »

  • Frozen

    Their musher lost
    On a frozen terrain
    Five dogs crossed
    Their reins on his pain... more »

  • Madiba

    O Madiba! Madiba your ship has finally come to rest
    Rest now, now rest, for peace was your bequest.
    Humiliated, disgraced, yet in captivity you chose
    By embracing your enemy, you learnt and rose.... more »

  • Monkey

    Stupa monkey
    Banana stealing
    Gone like soap... more »

  • Paradox

    Paradigm unlocks truths made in paradox,
    As softest water wears down the hardest rocks,
    Dark-nest wombs child-guide the brightest light,
    Made in silence they scream with wild delight... more »

  • Peace

    The peace of a mind
    No longer maligned
    By ire or fire.... more »

  • Rose

    Cross rose
    Prices rose
    People rose
    Hunger rose... more »

  • Seamless

    Flag blowing freely within your arms,
    As free as a sloop upon the sea.
    Naked within your sheets,
    With only your love to clothe me.... more »

  • Squint

    What good shoe resists a polish
    And collects the dirt of yesterday.
    Lo! below their uppers, soles grey.... more »

  • Tapas

    Nails on ankles scratch for cures,
    For woes and vex that foes cause
    And dystopic eyes focus on distant shores
    While wisdom waits.... more »

  • Thanksgiving

    For the rust dusted stones
    And burnished steel track
    That takes me home
    And takes me back... more »

  • Time

    A breath caught as a drop.
    Caught as bejewelling dew
    on frozen twigs, cold and dead:
    what's breath was water was ice.... more »

  • Trail

    Sister Dharma blessed
    On paths that ever wind
    Not every hill is Everest
    A scene from Durga’s shrine.... more »

  • True

    your sword seeks an enemy
    rest by this tree instead
    for your enemy
    if you but knew lives inside your head... more »

  • Whisper

    Waiting, quietly, for myself to come in:
    A stormy fool dancing inside a bin,
    Neglected hope, a broken urn,
    I whisper in my ear... more »

  • Wonder

    When I was hungry, you gave me your bread.
    When I was lonely, your bed.
    Your breasts were my coronet
    And kisses crowned my head... more »

  • Worn

    when my heart was dishwater
    rolling rock dust and powder
    and all of my angels had gone back to heaven
    feeding from pub nuts out of my pocket... more »