• A Simple Answer Comes

    Many Whispers of the Night.
    Many Days of Living Words.
    Much Breath needing to be fathomed,
    for destination the Heart moves towards.... more »

  • A Slight Breeze

    A slight breeze,
    rattled a loose door,
    going to the outside.... more »

  • A Walk Of Shadows

    A walk of shadows,
    crossing a mind of memory,
    beneath a daytime sun,
    under a full moonlit sky.... more »

  • Above

    The Spirit pines to rhyme,
    with the wandering breeze.
    Meld with what makes it real.... more »

  • And I'Ll Waste Away

    You are my heart.
    You are my soul.
    Without you, I die,
    a tumbleweed, an endless roll.... more »

  • Beyond

    To join, with the beyond.
    to the Inner Core that ties,
    the Inner Core that bonds.
    One, with the Eternal Ripple,... more »

  • Big Black Crow

    A peck here, a caw there,
    a stare at the ground, a leap into the air.
    Big Black Crow you come from some, somewhere.
    O’er the fields you come, at the fields you glare.... more »

  • Bridge

    To bridge—adjoin,
    to the fabric of worth.
    combine, entwine
    in purpose, with earth.... more »

  • Caged Bird

    Where does a caged bird direct itself,
    when there is need to feel free, to rejoice?
    Where does the caged bird connect then dwell,
    when there is need for more than one voice?... more »

  • Closer To Earth, Closer To Heart

    Closer to earth, closer to heart.
    Steeples and church bells.
    Birds flying by nest in nearby trees,
    perhaps closer to where angels may dwell.... more »

  • Companions Of Solitude

    With one early morning rising,
    squirrels scurrying everywhere.

    Without recognition of survival,... more »

  • Corner Of The Heart

    In a Corner of the Heart,
    Hides a memory,
    Mixed with a conviction, a reverence,
    That only True Love can see.... more »

  • Echo

    Goodbye echo, the time has come
    your words are fading away.
    Barely can we hear you now,
    no longer do you choose to stay.... more »

  • Extension

    This lonely verse, an extension,
    from what whispers, speaks inside.
    The words, a piece by invention,
    of what the heart cannot hide.... more »

  • First In Life

    First in life as the rain that falls.
    Enlightenment comes as the falling rain.
    Raindrops bouncing, flowing
    alongside the worn dirt lane,... more »

  • Footsteps Of The Land

    The hills they call,
    for the footsteps of the land,
    to once again, once again,
    walk them in unison.... more »

  • Grey Cloud Vista

    While vision views a Grey Cloud Vista,
    its charcoaled shades splashed there and there.

    A stray raindropp falls, falls on an arm,... more »

  • Growing High

    Everything is growing high now,
    with hints of Autumn everywhere.

    By wooden, weathered picnic table,... more »

  • Inconsequential

    Who am I, what am I cries the heart?
    A glass half empty or half full?
    One moment, a feeling of good measure,
    the next, inconsequential?... more »

  • Just A Breeze

    Random breeze sweeping in
    to catch, snatch, a brief look.
    To move this place, just a moment,
    a short glimpse of life's book.... more »

  • Light Of The Landscape

    Red sunset splashed on an exiting canvas of blue,
    Moon rising upward reflecting down below,
    to the contoured, creviced surface of deepening shadow on hue,
    bouncing moonbeams, they become the show.... more »

  • Look Before You Leap

    Look before you leap.
    Give it a second thought.
    The words you say, the critiques
    may show what you've been taught.... more »

  • Miss

    To Miss, the words of Love,
    to Miss the Hope of the next Day.
    That face, smile, lips and eyes,
    the Feeling of Touch and its Way.... more »

  • Never Another

    Never another shall there be,
    The wind whispers, blowing by.
    Your love was meant for eternity,
    sent from the love, Most High.... more »

  • Pass And Go

    So many leaves,
    from a Tree of Memories,
    pass and go, pass and go.... more »