• ' I'M Not A Bully'

    sometimes i say harsh-full things
    and don't give a damn about
    broken hearts, broken spirit shattering
    to shards....... more »

  • ‘fantasies'

    You-you were in my dreams last-last night
    You came -came unto me from the heavens
    So beautiful
    Even stars bow down at your feet... more »

  • ‘ghostly Spirit'

    The smell of crimson blood lingered in the room
    For 30 seconds. But it was my father's presence
    That was choking me. The Mind Control.
    He appears through the door of my sacred place... more »

  • ‘mooding’

    Throughout my life, it was the
    Most the High who is to be blame
    For the mixture of colours.
    He penetrates me with gasses... more »

  • ‘nick's Soulless Shoe'

    The past cannot be modified no more.
    Like an old sole burden with the long
    Roads behind and ahead…
    Is it true that it's no more? Broken? Turned?... more »

  • “musical Words”

    His words sing through my ears
    Slowing the tempo of my heart
    With his rhythmic ends. His ink wept
    The paper, they both swirly dance slowly... more »

  • Beneath The Mask

    Beneath the mask her wander lies
    projecting an image for lovers eyes.
    Such endless beauty my eyes behold,
    under the mask she wears so bold... more »

  • 'Betrothing Sin”

    Dear love why come at such a time
    When the wedding day is set?
    I’ve already signed what I have in blood; the
    Contract is what I will follow. You saw with... more »

  • Bleak Vision

    Why art though sadden by earthly feelings
    And broken words?
    If only you open your eyes and
    See what is ahead?... more »

  • Chapter 1

    It’s time to turn the page and end the chapter,
    Don’t leave any more bookmarks there for you
    Will remember again. Keep it close and never
    Go back. Skip to the chapter where there... more »

  • Dead Man Walking

    Emptied souls glide the surface of the earth
    With their long stretch anesthetized hands
    Elongate to the heavens. Their crack skulled
    Faces are painted with the colour death.... more »

  • Frozen Hell

    The deep dark abyss is
    Cold drafted and numb
    The misery is not what
    We though.... more »

  • 'Golden Fantasy'

    In the dark of night behind my walls

    I fade away when nature calls... more »

  • Grim Reaper

    To join us, all you need
    To do is:
    Put a sign on your skin.
    Drink some of these portion... more »

  • 'I Don'T Care'

    I could careless how you feel right now,

    your smile as turn into a big fat frown.... more »

  • Kill Thy Flesh

    'Who are you to say
    I must take a knife and kill my flesh?
    Is this your number one test?
    You SAW what happen to my brother,... more »

  • Lamentation Of The Devil

    How can you, most Forgiving one?

    I used to serve you,... more »

  • Last Poem

    I wrote this in my own
    Sweat, blood and tea
    Reflecting my life
    That only last 19 years.... more »

  • Mirroring

    I looked through the mirrors

    And saw my reflection... more »

  • Silent Night

    The awkward silence chokes him.
    giving us double hearing
    that cause our hear to dribble
    like any cast away ball trying to get... more »

  • 'Silent Noise'

    the Silence evokes my spirit'
    and i cannot understand her thoughts-
    she is dead...
    was it my fault?... more »

  • Smile

    Why not turn that frown upside down?
    Don't you see your beauty-
    Is it made of gold?
    Ignore those smile stealer... more »

  • 'So What'

    SO WHAT IF I LOVE USING INK?... more »

  • Stained White

    They stained our hearts
    To black, harden stone
    With cracks so huge
    The earth can sink through.... more »

  • The End Begins

    It's the day for the
    Destruction of life's expectation-
    Men no longer hug with their hearts
    But poisoned their eyes at you.... more »