Coenie van Niekerk was born 11 April1977 in Johannesburg South Africa. He is one of four boys of Johan and Ina van Niekerk of which he is one of twins that are the youngest of the boys. Growing up with a strong sense of art and culture such as singing for the Famous P.A.C.T. opera house in Pretoria and his Grand Father publishing many of his own poetic works in Afrikaans anthologies in the early 19 hundreds, his mother also writing many poetic inspired works such as poems and many songs, the list goes on-and-on…
A Third Generation Poet (C.F. van Niekerk) born in South Africa with a heart to challenge and question 'Life' was born and wrote his first poem at the age of five. Inspiring and full of passion...
A quote from one of his poems 'The Opus': 'Under the calamity of reality is the conclusion that holds the molds of the knowledge in me and the understanding in you,
Forward in its means and strong in intent is the quest for our existence true...' describes the cogent way he expresses his heart.
Recently achieving the honor of reaching the semifinals in an annual poetry competition held by “” they describe his work as being “…poetic artistry…” and having “…unique talent and artistic vision…” The poem that achieved this honor “Let’s Awake” is also featured in “Poetry for Life”.

To see new released of his works and to read more about C.F. van Niekerk please go to to and join him in this 'pursuit'...


C.F. van Niekerk Poems

Know Yourself

Know yourself

I was born as a son.
I lived as a boy.... more »

Blood Out

'Blood out”

If we fight why do we love?
I we love why do we fight?... more »

A Pause

A Pause

Like ambient pause of bird in flight,
Reflection in a pond reveals its might.... more »

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