• Distance In My Dreams

    With so much distance simply losing touch,
    Yet what for the person who couldn’t care much?

    She lies far away with no thought for me,... more »

  • Early Hour Memory

    Holding us all from those young days,
    Through early school and popular phase,
    One only admits the fact, so subtle,
    Staring down another empty bottle,... more »

  • Ireland?

    From a land of saints and scholars
    Comes a band of docile followers
    They neither care nor look at things,
    Not past their own blank selfish grins,... more »

  • Shadow In A Red Dress

    Then she took the red dress out
    And slipped it on – I held my mouth
    Open on body suspending this pout... more »

  • Silence To A Man

    This is time – a mans enemy
    Stalking like silence
    There is woman – a mans answer
    Looking for patience... more »

  • Smoking

    As I take another
    As the moon rose, a thought arose to me…
    Of what one wants and how to get it... more »

  • The Innocent

    Important things in life, I find we bet,
    Family and friends oh! How I regret,
    Never, I offered, the respect they deserve,... more »

  • The Solitary (Youth)

    Such a pity it is to see,
    With one’s own eye to such degree,... more »

  • Thunder And Enlightening

    Wondrous moments cease all absurd feelings
    Hums the sound continual contented stuck
    Uninvited here where I am rapt in ceilings
    Pleasure to scratch gleeful as a match struck... more »

  • Waiting For Green

    Mobile phones with their special ring tones,
    Our generations become simple human clones,... more »

  • Wildflower

    Noticed it was so splendid from all,
    Distracted, Inspired, worries let fall,
    Stopped in my path, gazing eyes open wide,
    Fixated in awe arms by one’s side,... more »