• *jasper Moses

    Along the banks of Cyprus Creek
    Where panthers prowl and “gators” creep
    The murky water fairly teems
    With cottonmouths and Cyprus knees... more »

  • *mose And Bonnie Lee

    Way back in the mountain and beyond bread creek
    Where muscadines hang from the hardwood trees
    The coyotes howl all through the night
    And backbones tingle when the catamount cries.... more »

  • *ode To An Abandoned Farmhouse

    It’s just an old abandoned farmhouse
    On a weedy, grown up moor
    I suspect that it has stood there
    For a century or more... more »

  • *phantasmagoria

    I had a dream and you were there
    In lace, with flowers, in your hair
    Your beauty shown and lit the place
    A constant smile was on your face... more »

  • *the Dust Of Long Ago

    In the land of thermal waters, many moons ago
    When streams in virgin forests, yet with crystal water flowed
    Before the Europeans came from lands so far away
    And vowed to conquer for their king, this new land they would claim... more »

  • *the Old Man And The Boy

    The old man and the boy
    Loved to go out to the woods
    Collect rich pine and broken limbs
    And assorted chunks of wood... more »

  • *thickets And Thorns Or Sweet Sweet Fruits

    Man is like a plot of land
    That basks in God’s sunshine
    Saturates itself in God’s rain
    And nurtures life within itself... more »

  • .a Very Logical Answer (Poetic Version Of A Story I Recently Heard

    A teacher was, one day, teaching
    Her second grader class
    The tale of the three little pigs
    When she turned to a lovely lass... more »

  • .come Lord Jesus, Take Me Home

    Originally written as a song, tune: Joan Baez, All my trials Lord, soon be over

    This earthly life has got me down
    When I get home, I’ll wear a crown... more »

  • .cooperation (Haiku)

    Squirrel brushes corn
    From my feeder to the ground
    Young deer picks it up... more »

  • .frozen Forest (Haiku)

    Icy crystals cling
    Branches glimmer in the sun
    Winter’s masterpiece... more »

  • .hang Gliding

    To plunge from high on summit’s peak
    And ride the current, swift
    Survey the earth in sweeping view
    As, with the morning clouds, I drift... more »

  • .ice Storm Chili

    We rose that day, no power at all
    The whole county stymied from ice and snow
    The central heat, though gas, no good
    For, without the “juice, ” it would not go... more »

  • .irrelevant

    From somewhere deep within my being
    The shadow of desperation harbors doubt
    And my usual optimism is shaken
    But, I pray, it is still intact... more »

  • .melancholy Dream

    Many times when I’m alone, I dream of when we used to go
    With sandwiches, out to the lake and watch the people swim
    We’d laugh and play for hours, games with little meaning
    Until the day had faded, then we’d pack and head for home... more »

  • .mighty “jug’s” Ride

    Flying low over stumps and rocks
    Dodging people and trees
    Mighty “Jug” mans the wheel
    Of his infamous speed machine... more »

  • .regret (Haiku)

    Ain’t camped once this year
    Ain’t had a single campfire
    Something’s wrong with that... more »

  • .syble

    Each day she sits in a rolling chair
    Constrained by straps to avert a spill
    Not knowing who or where she is
    Not knowing those who love her still... more »

  • .the First Cool Breath Of Autumn

    The first cool breath of autumn
    Is a balm of sweet delight
    Refreshing all it touches
    In the day and through the night... more »

  • .the Other Man’s Shoes

    A friend drew me aside one day
    And, in me did confide
    Of problems with a wayward Son
    Such as he could scarce abide... more »

  • .valentine 2009

    If I could paint a masterpiece
    In portrait show my lady’s grace
    As da Vinci in his finest hour
    Attained in Mona Lisa’s face... more »

  • A Brash Hummingbird

    My wife keeps a feeder for her dear hummingbirds
    Outside our window it hangs in the shade
    Hummers refresh themselves sunup till dark
    They sip and they slurp that red hummer kool aid... more »

  • A Coffee And Hickory Nut Break

    The sky was clear that autumn day
    A dried out pile of brush
    Had needed burning for quite some time
    But there’d never been a rush... more »

  • A Forgotten Man

    His face was brown and wrinkled
    His clothes were old and worn
    Sitting on a sidewalk bench
    He watched the street as traffic swarmed... more »

  • A Lonely Man

    A lonely man in the midst of a crowd
    Is the loneliest man of all
    If only he could forget his pride
    He could make friends of them all... more »