• ===autism===

    I find it awfully hard to express myself trough words.
    Words are limited.
    They can’t taste a feeling or smell the hart.
    So I prefer to use imagination.... more »

  • A Thirsty Soul

    My soul has moved from the calm waters of desire,
    Up to and into the cave of love that shoots hot flames,
    A flame trying to escape its wick.
    My soul Ready to expire.... more »

  • Blind Truth.

    Living the dream of truth,
    Praying for truth of the dream,
    Knowing it’s not what it seems.... more »

  • Blinding..

    I know what I saw when I was on the silver bench of death
    I know what I saw with the eyes of my heart.
    I saw connection,
    Strings pulling people.... more »

  • Conversations With Space

    I am just hanging on to the tail of a beast, not the head of the demon.
    Choice has only given me two options
    I want to let go, , I do,
    I speak to the walls around me; I tell them who I am... more »

  • Drugging The Minds Eye.

    Young naked sheep scatter in schools of fools.
    This is all unknown at the time of the first cage.

    Run… Where? ..Don’t stop.... more »

  • Dull

    I recall when I was changing
    When new insights aroused me
    Sharing lucidity surprised my mind
    And the fluency of my thoughts shook... more »

  • Fly With Wings

    Even the gloomy nights of death hold fine secrets
    The key?
    Delve into the reflection of the heart
    Express it with a bursting force... more »

  • Happy

    oh, you cant relate to my life
    my life is simple
    my life is good
    i wish i could tell you what its like on the other side... more »

  • Hiding

    I am now sitting outside
    The people pass me by
    Look at me with wide eyes
    Whisper with voices too loud... more »

  • I Am Alive

    It begins..
    Waking with a heart beat I can hear,
    I’m alive.
    I know what today shall be.... more »

  • The Ghost

    As they took terns speaking of pain
    As they took pleasure in the pasts
    As they smiled, as they cried,
    Silence spoke at last... more »

  • The Last Flame

    Inside my pupils, , see a hole
    A stab from the spade
    , A dug up soul.... more »

  • Truth

    Lord, you kept my soul from the pit of hell.
    Once secure, I thought I would never slip.
    When you withdrew your spirit, I fumbled.
    But I place my trust in you, the almighty g-d... more »

  • What Have You Seen On Your Journey That Gives You Those Endless Eyes?

    I remember seeing him for the first time-
    He was sitting hunch backed, he was smoking, He was thinking,
    I spoke to him and realized he was not thinking, he was dreaming
    When his voice hit my ear, I had to close my eyes... more »