Caio Meira lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Caio Meira Poems


there was that time when I imitated a monkey to give the boys their first laughter

there’s a fight for love, there’s a lot of plumb in the water, there’s many notations made at dawn in my green notebook... more »

The Odd Lady (In Portuguese)

minha boca larga, o nariz largo, a anca larga, o olhar largo, a calma larga, o passo

não, o passo esguio, o medo esguio (estampa do corpo) , os ossos esguios, o sexo esguio, o negro, o rosa, o pálido, a demora tênue, o aperto tênue e túnicas, diários, papéis, baús, cartas escondidas, cultivar o jardim privado, a janela, o piano e meu quarto... more »

But Emily Dickinson

seated between bees and thought, she dreams the light leaning in the roofs and windows, wandering by green-trees, yellow-golds, the postcards spreading in her lap the edges and emanations in the hours where she wonders,

I think her hand without rings, her silk nightgowns, her inks, all the oceans she didn’t see, the parties she didn’t go, her massive and entire silence frightening the neighbors, her sonorous reclusion between books,... more »

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