• Among The Love

    The Lonest Girl
    No one cared in the world
    She spent her depressing days at home.
    Most lively place, Thy be graveyard.... more »

  • Blasted 8

    My world has change
    I know it won't ever rewind
    Ever since I turn the blasted 8
    I've dreamed of being 7 again... more »

  • Four Empty Walls

    This life of mine
    Is surrounded by these four empty walls.
    Filled with hate, depression, anger.
    The only way to let them out.... more »

  • Him His Self

    His love is like a razor.
    It cuts me deep.
    His hugs heal.
    His kisses strenghten my skin.... more »

  • I Don'T Know

    I don't know what love is.......
    But I think I found it
    I'm not for sure cuz we have
    seperated so much I don't know if you love me so... more »

  • Just Because Of Him

    If it wasn't for him
    I would still think those dreadful thoughts
    Do those dreadful things
    there would still be these remarks on this bloody wrist... more »

  • Lay Me Down To Sleep

    Lay me down to sleep
    as i lay i think of you
    and as i sleep i dream of you
    when i think and sleep i long to be by your side in your bed and dont have to worry about ever losin you,... more »

  • Our Island

    As our eyes met
    Your blue eyes are like the ocean waves.
    My brown eyes are the ships in waters.
    They go crashing... more »

  • Pieces

    Threw out the days of my life there was million pieces of my heart out there
    in the world & along those days of my life I've found some pieces but I've finally
    found that million piece & its the piece of love & william clary has that piece....
    I hope he uses it wisely & doesn't lose it......because I love him & I really hope... more »

  • Red River

    Has she watched the red devily liquid drip from her bloody wrist
    Her eyes got big
    She got all exicted
    Then she felt the rush... more »

  • That Line

    Everytime I make that line
    it makes me wonder if it smart or dumb why i do
    You just get mad.
    but i feel better... more »

  • The Broken Doll

    She’s a Doll.
    She gets played with a lot.
    She is everyone’s favorite Doll.
    They love her gorgeous black hair and blue eyes.... more »

  • The Nicest Strangers

    A girl who thought negative
    She was called a witch
    Was told shes worthless & should die
    Till the day she met the nicest stranger... more »

  • Things I Love About You

    ... more »

  • Virgin Soul

    First your tighten
    You go through so many times
    Thinking should it be him or that other guy.
    And as you think... more »