• An Empty Tomb

    Had never vessel cross'd the main,
    Our present grief had been in vain;... more »

  • Life After Death

    Cleombrotus, high on a rock,
    Above Ambracia stood,
    Bade Sol adieu, and, as he spoke,... more »

  • When First You Saw the Nymph Divine

    Cleonicus, unhappy man,
    Say whence thy sorrows first began?
    For, by yon' blazing orb of light,
    I ne'er beheld so sad a sight.... more »

  • A Blessed Life

    Whoe'er shall to this tomb draw nigh,
    Behold, in death, a priestess lie;
    I sacred Ceres first implor'd,... more »

  • A Youth in Haste

    A Youth, in haste, to Mitylene came,
    And anxious, thus reveal'd his am'rous flame
    To Pittacus the wife; O sacred Sire,... more »

  • Embrace Me Not

    By mighty Pan and Bacchus' greater name,
    Beneath these embers lurks a spreading flame.
    Embrace me not; tho' streams in silence fall,... more »

  • Epitaph for Callimachus

    Whoe'er with hallow'd feet approaches near,
    Behold, Callimachus lies buried here,
    I drew my breath from fam'd Cyrene's shore,... more »

  • Heraclitus

    They told me, Heraclitus, they told me you were dead,
    They brought me bitter news to hear and bitter tears to shed.
    I wept as I remembered how often you and I... more »

  • His Son

    But twelve short years you lived, my son,
    Just twelve short years, and then you died:... more »

  • Hymn to Apollo

    What force, what sudden impulse thus can make
    The laurel-branch, and all the temple shake!
    Depart ye souls profane; hence, hence! O fly... more »

  • Hymn to Ceres

    The basket swift-descending from the skies,
    Thus, thus, ye matrons, let your voices rise:
    'Hail! Ceres, hail! by thee, from fertile ground
    Swift springs the corn, and plenty flows around.'... more »

  • Hymn to Delos

    O when, my soul, wilt thou resound the praise
    Of Delos, nurse to Phoebus' infant-days,
    Or of the Cyclades. Most sacred these
    Of isles, that rise amid surrounding seas;
    And fame and hymns divine to them belong:... more »

  • Hymn to Diana

    Tho' great Apollo claim the poet's lyre,
    Yet cold neglect may tempt Diana's ire,
    Come, virgin-goddess, and inspire my song,
    To you the chase, the sylvan dance belong,... more »

  • Hymn to Jupiter

    Whilst we to Jove immortal and divine,
    Perform the rites, and pour the ruddy wine;
    What shall the Muse, with sacred rapture sing,... more »

  • I Never Prize an Easy Fair

    The huntsman o'er the hills pursues
    The timid hare, and keenly views
    The tracks of hinds amid the snow,... more »

  • The Bathing of Pallas

    Come forth, come forth, ye virgins, and prepare
    The bath for Pallas with assiduous care:
    The Goddess comes; from yon' ætherial meads
    I hear the snorting of her fiery steeds.... more »

  • The Brightest Beauty of the Plain

    Fond Callignotus sigh'd and swore,
    'Tis Violante I adore,
    The brightest beauty on the plain,... more »

  • The Death of Heraclitus

    I hear, O friend, the fatal news
    Of Heraclitus death.
    A sudden tear my cheek bedews,... more »

  • The Death of Lycus

    Not on the land could Lycus die,
    Nor in his native Naxos lie,
    But on the main by tempest tost,... more »

  • The Death of Melanippus

    This morning we beheld with streaming eyes
    The flames from Melanippus' body rise;
    At eve, fair Basile resign'd her breath,... more »

  • The Street Poet

    I hate the bard who strolls along,
    And sells in streets his borrow'd song;
    I seldom walk the public way,... more »

  • To Emulate So Sweet a Bard

    This book is sure exactly wrote
    In Hesiod's manner, style, and thought,
    Of Grecian poet's not the least.... more »

  • When Love and Wine Inspire

    If sober, and inclin'd to sport,
    To you, my fair one, I resort;
    The still-forbidden bliss to prove,... more »

  • Zephyritis Divine

    A sacred shell Zephyritis divine,
    Fair Selenæa offers at thy shrine,
    And thus thy Nautilus is doubly bless'd,... more »