• Blind.

    So there's this boy.
    Who makes my heart skip a beat.... more »

  • Breaking.

    Violate me…Desecrate me..
    Decaying my very being.
    Ripping apart my broken heart.
    My soul beings to crush.... more »

  • Broken Angel.

    She's a broken angel,
    that's drowning in the pain of her failing dreams
    A lonely and lost girl who has fallen silent.... more »

  • Broken Promises.

    Broken, deceived, livid.
    Feel as though death is near.... more »

  • He Saw.

    She tries so hard to hide.
    What she knows she cannot deny.... more »

  • Stupid.

    Gone in the blink of an eye
    Drowning in the sorrow we built upon to die... more »

  • Untitled.

    His sweet kisses float through my mind
    Memory of what used to be.
    I can still smell his sweet cologne
    Buzzing throughout my head... more »

  • Your Hearts Despair.

    I'm gonna slit my wrists. Right after I black my eyes. I loved all these little trysts. Now they make me want to die. I try so hard everyday. To try and make it better in some way. But no matter how hard I try. It is him I can never satisfy.

    I cannot forget the scars of yesterday. They are what have made me this way. So is it the scars of tomorrow, bringing about my sweet and endless sorrow. That has driven me to this dismal harrow.... more »