• A Boys Love Poem

    I am so lonely and alone
    In a strange and far away place
    And so now I write in a sad lonely tone
    Of my heart aching at the memory of your face,... more »

  • Memoir To C.S. Lewis And J.R.R. Tolkein By C. Bird

    To the legends and myths of old
    The veterans of the hazy road.
    Sparkling images of heroes and knights
    Victors of those glorious fights... more »

  • Moonlight

    Moonlight shines through the night
    Reflecting off your tears, dear face,
    Draw comfort from its light
    Let it carry your burdening cares... more »

  • My Fair Silver Maiden

    Oh my fair silver maiden
    I see your eyes in the stars that light the dark,
    Your hair in the swaying summer grass,
    Your smile in the majestic sunrise... more »

  • Once Upon A Time

    There used to be happiness
    In the cloven fields of green
    A time when there was no risk,
    When the golden trees would ring... more »

  • Petals

    The petals float downwards
    Into the drifting river onwards
    Farther and farther out of reach
    And I cry silently as they leave... more »

  • Running

    Running to understand.
    Running to know who I am.
    Running to be alone.
    Running to be able to groan.... more »

  • The Call Of Beauty

    Across the winds, across the lands
    waiting for no one, waiting for greatness
    waiting not for me
    O, the call of beauty... more »