• [#1]

    Peel the skin right off my bones
    Hanging out with
    Corpses under the bed
    There's nothing that matters... more »

  • [perfection]

    If my world were perfect
    And we were all blind
    And my love had fallen
    Into this state of mind... more »

  • A Mother's Lament

    I float through time,
    In and out of place,
    Deep down in the waters, I can breathe.
    My lungs are dry, no longer in use,... more »

  • About Nothing

    severed and gone,
    sew the hope back together again

    non-believing faith... more »

  • Addiction (English Sonnet)

    What life of yours could pay for this false hope?
    Lying, screaming, always, always for more
    Tightly rolled cigarettes and hot Death smoke
    On your hands and knees, you searched on the floor.... more »

  • After

    After all THIS
    I’m finally falling d o w n
    After all THIS
    I’m [done] crawling on the ground... more »

  • Again And Forever

    all that matters
    made trivial
    faded out and helpless
    against the flood of a new age... more »

  • And What Would You Say

    And what would you say
    If I called up your lover
    And told her 'good luck, girl,
    I hope you have patience.'... more »

  • And You Will Never Love Me Back

    Now that I've heard your reasons
    Now that I know your curse
    Now that I see your heart
    It's so cold and hard like stone... more »

  • Broken

    Broken flesh
    Pale skin
    Severed for you
    Right to the end... more »

  • Buyer, Beware

    I can't read you
    Like I read my books
    And it frustrates me so
    To know... more »

  • Captured

    I miss you more
    Than I could ever say
    Not with words
    Only actions held at bay... more »

  • Certainty

    Find somewhere else for me to be,
    This new way seems too weird for me.
    And I can't fine who I used to be
    But maybe this is just the NEW me...... more »

  • Demons?

    Will your demons stay here
    Or are they going to FINALLY disappear?
    You keep saying that, and I'll
    Never believe you... more »

  • Die, Die For Yourself

    love your lie
    kill my life
    die for pride
    on the inside... more »

  • Do Not What I Want You To

    my eyes hurt from crying
    my lungs hurt from breathing
    from all I go through
    For You... more »

  • Do You Know What I Want?

    Do you know what I want?
    I want to be happy.
    I want to do something
    so creative... more »

  • Don'T Go Out There

    Lovers are stolen
    Away from the light
    I'll be gone from you
    Only later tonight... more »

  • Dream

    I once got a promotion;
    I moved way up.
    They were all there, watching.
    She pulled me close and said 'appreciate him.'... more »

  • Dreaming Of You

    Wake up
    Out of breath
    And I burst out in tears
    Because I had a dream... more »

  • Effortless

    Although I…
    Am slowly collapsing under strain…
    I find some sort of satisfaction in knowing that
    I have absolutely no thought where to turn…... more »

  • Emerson Immitation

    Showered upon, I kiss dampness,
    The recesses my heart portrayed,
    As rainbows after such wetness,
    From which I always quickly strayed.... more »

  • Escape

    If I could just take a walk
    Or even talk to someone else
    I would fine, I think
    That I'd feel so much better... more »

  • Every Other Day

    Everyday, he walked in at 7 A.M. sharp
    with his books in his hands and
    his face pointed down towards his shoes.... more »

  • Everything

    My thoughts fill the air
    Feels right
    Like blood through my veins
    Everything I ever felt... more »