• Falling And Floating

    What’s the point of living anymore?
    A few good friends, but they can’t be here
    They keep me afloat for now,
    But one step and I could falter... more »

  • Finding Myself

    Chemical remains
    Of what used to be
    Crippled findings
    (And [soiled] rain)... more »

  • Fine Again

    Fight me out
    I hate you
    No longer want you... more »

  • Fire, Dirt, And Clay

    My eyes are full of fire
    Can't I just fly away?
    My mouth is full of dirt
    My nose, of clay... more »

  • For You, Dad

    I don't feel the pain
    tell myself
    that I don't feel this pain
    I can make it through... more »

  • Forgive Me

    Forgive me that I wake
    On this oh-so-holy day
    To lead a normal life
    As if it were the same... more »

  • Free

    I am flawed
    But I'm free
    Free from you free from me... more »

  • Funeral For A Penguin

    I believe that this world’s clock is ticking,
    Disaster around the corner,
    Waiting for its next victim.
    From what I have seen…... more »

  • Goodbye

    There's no room
    For you in this new life
    No room
    For you in these arms... more »

  • He Waits

    The snake lies in wait
    Watching it, harmful
    And false fate?... more »

  • I Am Afraid

    with holes in the night
    forever finding you alone... more »

  • I Am Dying

    The connection is severed
    (I no longer feel you)
    What used to be is dead
    (I no longer know this)... more »

  • I Am God's Moldy Bread

    I am still here.
    In your head,
    The closet, the loaf of bread
    On the kitchen counter,... more »

  • I Am In You

    A part of me is in you now
    And I share with you the things
    No one else will ever hear
    The words dripping from my lips,... more »

  • I Am Silent, Listen

    So much can be said through silence,
    Aphonia? no, slience
    I am silent... more »

  • I Believe You

    You promised you would never hurt me
    I smile and I believe.
    I believe in you.
    I believe I am what you make me... more »

  • I Guess This Is Goodbye

    Pull out my hair
    I have to hold my head
    Rock back and forth
    Whether or not I'll live... more »

  • I Hold Them Dear


    Hate concealed my pain
    Blame replaced my soul... more »

  • I Married My Pain

    I married my pain
    And let it take over me
    Of all these lives I've seen
    I married the pain... more »

  • I Remember (Italian Sonnet)

    I remember too well about falling.
    And in my sleep, I said those words I hate
    because all they brought me was pain and rage.
    That look made me weak and left me crawling.... more »

  • I Thought...

    Sense is
    what we make of you
    Love is
    how we feel for you... more »

  • I'M Me (Song)

    Fighting wars
    with me
    and you
    the truth... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    I finally got it out
    Made my voices of insecurity shut up
    Long enough to tell you
    Only to find that you don't feel it... more »

  • In Time

    I will heal
    I will feel real
    I will learn to find love... more »

  • Injured Will

    Holding on
    To what I can see
    Because you'll never be there
    And I can't see you... more »