• Revolution

    And all the things you ever said
    Meant everything to me;
    Mean nothing to me.
    Everything you ever were... more »

  • Right Or Wrong?

    I won't listen
    You preach to me
    About what I should be
    And what is right and wrong... more »

  • Serenity

    S ever them
    E verything's gone
    R espect us
    E veryone's sane... more »

  • Serial Haunt

    Goddes of the knife
    She sneaks beside your bed at night
    You cannot hide... more »

  • Setting Free

    I feel used
    confused... more »

  • Splinterless

    Tired of melodramatic interjections,
    I’m sick of your young…. “realizations.”
    How unwelcome my anger is in your presence…
    And how receptive you are to argument.... more »

  • Tears

    Lie inside myself for hours
    Thinking and watching the sky fly over me.
    Nobody knows
    Instead of being strong... more »

  • Tears Pt.2

    Insanity and her crescendo
    Insanity and her love
    Forgotten, forever
    Above and below,... more »

  • Thanks, Doc

    I just wanted to say
    That I thank you so kindly
    Because all I really wanted you to do
    Was criticize my work... more »

  • The Broken Mind

    The broken mind
    Is never fixed
    Never mended
    To think once again... more »

  • The Carnival

    don't forget
    don't remember
    I'm laughing
    because it's so funny... more »

  • The Ending

    Wet snakes course through my body
    And the fear grows
    The fear of what's happening... more »

  • The War

    never this far
    [far away from…I need]
    “hope is a [false] solution to misery”... more »

  • The Words Killed My Pain

    After all,
    The pages are filled
    None are left blank
    The very words with which... more »

  • There's No One

    You always knew where to find them
    But you never could see
    How it worked or how blind they were
    What they think and never say... more »

  • Thrown Away

    A tragedy about to occur
    A friend's lovely writing
    Memories stirred up
    Remind me of the past... more »

  • Trapped

    We are [bound]
    To the road we pave
    We are not [strong]
    We hurt each day... more »

  • Up In Flames

    fire spreads across black oceans
    they fill the world with flame
    soon the land will catch as well
    the whole world will go up... more »

  • Vindication

    Vindication of me
    And towards you now
    Every moment I spend
    In a firey hell... more »

  • Wait For Me In My Dreams

    Wait for me
    I'll be in my dreams
    Tonight it seems that
    Forever you keep me... more »

  • Walk Right Through Me

    I watched you walk
    Right through me again
    And as you passed by me
    I felt sort of dead... more »

  • We Are Human

    I pretend
    That I'm so strong
    You can't hurt me
    With your sticks... more »

  • We Are Human Pt.2

    We are lies
    we are frauds
    we are hypocrites
    we are them... more »

  • We Are The Flown

    Screaming out
    In harsh, thick silence
    (Subtle violence)... more »

  • What Would You Say

    And what would you say
    If I called up your lover
    And told her 'good luck, girl,
    I hope you have patience.'... more »