• Heart Breaker

    I Thought You Loved Me.
    Now I See All You Wanted,
    Was To Play Me.... more »

  • Lost Friend

    I Lay Here In The Grass Looking Into The Baby Blue Sky.
    Smoking A Ciggarette.
    I Blow Smoke Rings and Pop Them With My Finger.
    The Sun Is Bright, The Birds are Loud, and You Are Gone... more »

  • Put Me Down.

    I Walk Alone, I'm Cold and Scared.
    I Don't Know Where I Am Or How I Got Here
    People Starring And Poking At Me
    I Want To Go Home, I Want To Be In My Bed... more »

  • Shut Up

    I wish you would be quiet.
    I want to say something.
    You talk over me like Im nothing.
    Then accuse me of not letting you into my life.... more »

  • The Dragon's Palace

    I walk down the halls of this hell
    Looking for a way out
    I open each door but there is nothing
    Nothing But darkness ready to Swallow me... more »

  • Til Death Do Us Part.

    I love you but your killing me.

    I never know when to talk.... more »

  • What Is Love?

    What is love?
    Everyone Tries To Explain It
    But Love Has No Meaning
    Its Amazing and Beautiful Some Say... more »