• Beautiful

    I am beautiful
    Not only because of the curve of my hips
    Or the shape of my body
    Not only because of the fullness of my lips... more »

  • Greediness Of Some People

    Take Take Take
    That's all our people do
    Take Take Take and never give
    They only wish to receive... more »

  • Human Nature

    It is in our own nature to know what we deserve
    To know what we can earn
    To know when we’ve made mistakes
    To know when we’ve made them rite... more »

  • I Give And I Give

    I give and I give
    Over and Over again
    Til it hurts me so bad that i juss wanna die... more »

  • In My Eyes

    Look into my eyes
    Tell me what you see

    When I look into my eyes... more »

  • In My Eyes Remix

    Look into my eyes
    Try to see what I see
    View the world through my eyes... more »

  • No More?

    They say don't feel no way
    Don't take it to heart... more »

  • The Real Strength Of A Woman

    Everyone wonders what’s her secret?
    The mother with 3 kids and no father to support them
    The woman with cancer who still manages to come out on top
    The grandmother who is forced to be a mother yet again because... more »

  • To The One Who Cares The Most

    Do you promise to always be there for me, as I will be there for you?
    Will you stay by my side through the good and bad?
    Will you be my shoulder to lean on when everyone else turns away?... more »

  • Two Different Sides

    It's crazy how one thing can be so important and
    meaningful to one person,
    But can mean absolutely nothing to another... more »

  • When The Odds R Against U


    Sumtimezz u juss wanna escape this crazy place called life
    Shyt juss starts getting too rough... more »

  • Yea I Noe U Hurt, But So Am I

    Yea I noe U hurt, But so am I
    Been hurtin for awhile, Been comin up nd down,
    been waitin nd hopin, I noe wats right nd U do too,
    But U won't do nething, Ma feelinz havent changed,... more »