• A Baby

    A baby is created
    What do you do?
    You get prepared
    Work hard... more »

  • A Gift

    A gift to the world
    Taken away
    By that terrible man
    On that awful day... more »

  • A Scar

    Unable to be seen
    This scar is deep
    It runs so deep
    That you can't hide it... more »

  • A Tragedy

    It cannot be held
    Cannot be touched
    Cannot be let go of... more »

  • Love

    What is love?
    A never ending cherishment
    Of those near you
    It don't have to be someone special... more »

  • My Happiness

    I have no happiness
    It died with my love
    My love is all I had
    And now... more »

  • Thoughts

    Thoughts are yours
    Never to be said
    Never to be written
    Or shown... more »

  • Tormented And Demented

    I am tormented by my demented thoughts
    They are like a fever that consumes the whole body
    Then I pass my torment on to others through
    demented actions... more »