Candice M. Martin Biography

I am a survivor of abuse, though I still have my days that are not so good. Most of my life I have hidden myself inside my writing, diving deeper into each word, each line, each stanza-hoping against hope that the answer to finding was there. And I must say that I am slowly beginning to find me. I am now 30 years of age, married for 8 years and childless. I was severely abused, both sexually and physically as a child. After years in and out of foster care and too many foster homes, I found myself on my own, and alone. At the age of 18 I had started having seizures, though I didnt know what they were at the time. Over the years Ive dealt with being raped, depression, domestic violence, loss of friends due to a disease I couldnt control. So I went back to writing. I put my heart into each line. All of my pain, my anger, my hurt-everything goes into my work. It is the only way to get through each day. I deal with seizures on a regular basis now, with little to no relief. I still struggle with flashbacks of my abuse and suffer from PTSD-but with Gods help-I know that I will get through. He has brought me through the last 29 years for a reason and perhaps it is to share my lifes experiences with those who are going through the same thing. I just hope that my words touch someone, somewhere.