Candice Renae Williams Biography

'Trap’t in a maze of words, Images blocking the way. This is found within your mind, Changing your mood. It generally holds you in its thrall Whether or not you’ve reached the top. '

I often find that my love of words and word play and how it sounds as I say the words and the images provoked... and etc... are what keep me alive... well, not literally...
The point is I write poetry from the heart. Whether or not I'm in a good mood or not, I've kept a poetry journal since the beginning of sixth grade.

i raise my beer in rememberance to you ~Rosey~ wherever in the sky you may be- who taught me the true meaning of words forever written in aging ink-

'If nothing else-I am a poet.
At least thats what I see of me
A lover of words that cannot be fathomed
By most of society
I love words Beautifully placed upon a page
More than i could ever love anyones face'

'I don't understand their placement of words-
so constrained inside-as if they're murderers
and I merely the one being buried alive.'

'You see Candice, When a poet falls asleep at night Her mind floats to the sky
and chats it up with Jupiter-
and neptune if there's time!
When a poet spies a black sky
& closes her eyes to sleep
Her mind is off in Birmingham
Her mind is off in Leeds
SO if you see a poet acting
Nothing short of strange
Her mind is haveing tea with the waitress
on the aeroplane.'

'I could use a cry today
but my tears refuse to come
They ran off some time ago
like thelma and louise on the run
I think not of the Redwoods
But simply of the train
that will carry me to Amherst
Through the whining, fatal rain'

I enjoy your poetry Rosey even to this day, written on marked page eleven-of my poetry diary.

So if you are reading my poetry now- Please know that you are reading a part of my heart, and though it may seem a trifle strange the way the words seem to arrange, I hope you honor them with critique and advice rather than try to rearrange. Rosey taught me something and this I now tell you, every poem written from the heart has a beauty that no revision can part.

Thank you...

Currently, I am typing these poems up. I have revised them many times but if your a poet you probably already understand what I say when I write that I just don't have the heart to revise some of them.. I know that some of them are rhyming challenged and lacking any coherent order...but pray remember that a set pattern isn't everything...
Anyway, I just want to share them with you.
a fellow poet who loves words like me.