• A Cry To Livre

    What am I if not some pawn to my own mind?
    These self imposed limitations that I have put on my self-
    Resemble that of a book on a shelf.
    What am I?... more »

  • A Fool To One?

    A smile is upon my face,
    a smile that only you can take.
    It is there for the world to see,
    stretched wide and fully awake.... more »

  • A Girl In The Corner

    Ignore me.
    I do not realize-
    I have absolutely no poise
    and I have no ties anymore.... more »

  • A Lilac

    There is a tiny plant,
    A Lilac,
    Weathered with drought,
    Aged with an instinct for survival.... more »

  • A Prisoner Of Doubt

    A prisoner of doubt
    is quick to the drain
    being bound to his pout,
    With a crippling chain.... more »

  • A Strange Fear

    While speaking I
    Noticed my sister move into my sight
    And suddenly she was not 12
    But 4 to my fright.... more »

  • Accepting The Unacceptable

    I don't get it...

    And you!
    You're a heartless GOD!... more »

  • Am I Not?

    I am dead, am I not?
    Somewhere I left my heart.
    I feel it waiting,
    For a chance, when I return.... more »

  • Amongst A Flower

    Your hope is a leaf,
    amongst a flower,
    where liquidy dew drops fall,
    into its gentle grasp.... more »

  • Attempting A Poem

    I tried to write a poem today.
    but I lacked the will to think.

    Every time I heard the clink... more »

  • Back Again

    Back Again
    Treading upon a rocky road,
    To be pitched in a turrent
    Of unforgiving paths.... more »

  • Beauty

    When she loves,
    she'll hold it tight in her heart
    When she cries,
    she'll hide all the pain in her heart... more »

  • Behind The Tide

    My friend do not leave me...
    As if my pleading,
    could brush your tears aside.
    The Pain will be cold,... more »

  • Better Off Dead

    Better off dying, someone said.
    eat'n trouble, another stroked.
    Take nothing, belched Ed.
    Towards no-where, echoed some.... more »

  • Destiny

    The distance traveled
    Far across foreign lands
    Where a mystic’s prophecy
    Is foreseen.... more »

  • Dreaming

    Dreaming is filled with excitement,

    Adventure that reality will... more »

  • Forget; An Optimal Solution When One Possesses A Lighter With Which To Start The Process.

    The burn in my throat is so familiar.
    Cough, sleep, cough, and wake.
    Burn’t muck dripping down the drain.... more »

  • Friends Forever

    Friends till the end, is what they say
    But I have seen reality in another way.

    Once when we were young... more »

  • I Am Falling

    I am falling.
    Down farther than I have ever been.
    Still, it seems to be longer.
    I am falling.... more »

  • I See You There

    I See You THERE,
    seeing me everyday... more »

  • In A Grave

    In a grave, 'I won’t hear it! ”
    'Why can’t I help? ”
    I blame myself.... more »

  • Incredibility

    To see through the nights
    On a quest led by madness,
    Takes a fool beyond reason
    For with creation... more »

  • Innocence Of A Rose

    Love is delicate,
    As like the petals of a rose
    Love is innocent,
    like the purity of a rose... more »

  • It

    It tears through me,
    breaking the lines within.
    It rips into me,
    cutting the bars underneath.... more »

  • Jimmy, Love,

    Jimmy loved his baby
    he looked happy that day
    His eyes grew wide in the by blow of dread
    Jimmy, love,... more »