Captain Cur Biography

Captain Cur
Captain of the Malevolent.
Profession, Pirate.


Mediterranean's exotic dance,
waves court tall stone laced white Italian shores,
then sit upon the footstools that are France
and wait within her ocean's cloistered doors.
Once claimed by kingdoms that arose before
their strength dispersed by majesty of arms,
coliseums decayed, rust retrieves the sword,
Phoenician horns no longer sound alarms
drowned in the depths which internalize her charms.

I walk upon the shadows of her wake;
my footfalls silenced, stolen by the blue,
and glance upon the islands of her lake,
Corsica and Sardinia come to view.
I taste the wine her ancient vineyards grew,
rich olives purple nuggets of her soil
pressing the golden liquid flowing through
my veins bared by the years of human toil
anoints my spirit with their aromatic oil.

The gods of plenty irrigate her grounds,
cornucopias poured by outstretched hands
freed by praise from their planetary bounds
frolicking in mirth on her fertile lands;
Europe, Anatolia and Levant,
North Africa, Macedonia, Greece
bathed in the breadth of her untiring bands,
island civilizations, Cyprus, Crete,
their banners dressed Alexander's conquering seat.

Augustus named her 'Mare Nostrum, Our Sea, '
until Rome's ultimate fall and decline
concepts of man, empire and dynasty
temporal precepts waste away in time.
The flavor of aged Neapolitan wine's
hearty grapes sweetly settles on my lips,
beautiful Campania seeks out my mind
as I hoist the sails of my fading ship
I give Mediterraneus a farewell kiss.

Welcome to the Captain's page!

Poetry translated from his encoded diary. The spirit of Captain Cur has commissioned this translator, with the help of the Captain's impish Muse, to give good account of his writings, loves and adventures. The problem is the Muse, who calls herself, 'Baharia Msichana' which means, sailor girl, but she prefers 'Pirate Girl' insists I write her love poems, which she will not allow me to publish, or she will not help me decipher his diary. Captain Cur inhabited this sphere sometime between the mid to late 1600’s and possibly the early 1700’s. His diary was heavily damaged after the wreck of the Malevolent, his exact date of death remains unknown. Allusions to his alter ego, “the beast” is heavily layered throughout his prose. His tales of adventure appear to encompass both the real and spectral world. The Captain's spirit continues to pen in his diary and has much to say about our modern age. It's complicated, but fun. So I hope you enjoy the voyage!