• A Lonely Shade Of Gray

    I'm that mixture of light and dark you see everyday
    I'm no longer a soldier but a man-of-war
    I'm a tongue twister a loser to a tug-of-war
    I'm the one and only seashell she sells by the shore... more »

  • A Veracious Grim Reaper (Av: Gr)

    Everyday with you
    I feel my heart getting in deeper
    If i had a life to enjoy
    Youd be my veracious grim reaper... more »

  • Age Ol' Time

    Theres a puddle in this road
    Your an animal, A trapped soul
    You've become my blood, So cold
    That goodnight kiss i long for, stale and old... more »

  • Angel On A Falling Star

    I'd like to wake up where you are
    Its a simple no, yes or i do
    But im sorry its not that simple when i caught you
    What in this world have i to give... more »

  • Another Paige In The Book

    She says im different from any guy
    How can she be so positive
    Im the stalker being stalked nearby
    We are good at taking but have yet to give... more »

  • Blind Loves' Hostages

    Lets say we can by saying we cannot
    Were meant to be, Just not right now
    Why waste all of this in one shot
    Instead of slipping away we could gracefully bow... more »

  • Buried In The Concrete

    Swallow your opportunity with a fake smile
    Cry on his shoulder when i want to apologize
    Hes walking my shoes but still hes missing that mile
    You scream, urge for me, but swallow me with your lies... more »

  • Dream....

    I see you walking hand in hand with him
    You have your hand on his chest through his shirt
    He has his hands on your best through your skirt
    When the lights go dim... more »

  • Infatuation: A Past Present

    I'll hide in these shadows i have no charm
    I just meant to warn you of his third degree flame
    I meant your emotions no harm
    Instead you went a third time at his game... more »

  • Letter To A Fellow Pirate

    Disgusting, Gay, a seniors pet
    A sophomore slave when we first met
    But now i realize youve made me whole
    You tyrant among men you fiend of fiends you troll... more »

  • Life

    You know nothing about me
    My shoes are not your size
    Through my eyes you do not see
    Your bull shit a pile of lies... more »

  • Perfect

    You came to me with weak knees
    Saying hes nothing more than forgotten memories
    You gave me my chance to shine, you were mine... more »

  • The Cure

    Well now my life seems to depart
    Once, twice, three times Sold!
    To the girl with no heart
    How long do you think i will uphold?... more »

  • This Love

    Is this what i deserve
    This unending game
    Guess i had some nerve
    To try and reclaim... more »

  • To Be Honest

    Is this what it comes down to
    This so called charade
    If i pointed this gun to my head
    Would you have it made... more »

  • Treasure

    I sit atop this lonely hill
    I have one mans garbage
    You stab me with your words with me hook ill kill
    I sit atop this lonely place with your body bag... more »

  • War O' Valentines Day

    A swirl of Red and White
    A day of purity and heart
    A swirl of X's and O's
    A new day for goodbyes and hellos... more »

  • What If?

    What if i did nothing at all
    What if i never catch you when you fall
    What if i never answer the phone when you call... more »

  • Winter Romances

    Across the room listening to you breathing.....
    Your signaling your happy with no doubt
    Our love obviously needs retreating....
    This is what it feels like to be left out........ more »