• A Love

    my intense desire, my secret attraction.
    deeply, tender, ineffable feelings of affection...we are passionately anamored.
    longing for the day when you can hold me in your arms,
    attached to your person...... more »

  • A Murderers Mind

    Seeds of evil planted deeply within the soil of the soul
    soon grows, matures with thick roots of hatred and readys to create suffering of cruel detestation.

    Pitiless, merciless and brutal... more »

  • A Scar On My Heart

    With every scar, behind it is a story
    a scar on my heart, it speaks of heart ache
    a true murder of my love, heart break.... more »

  • A Thousand Kisses

    Bent truths and broken promises,
    A thousand knives through the heart,
    Sorry's and I love you's,
    bent truths from the start.... more »

  • Crimson Tears

    She's waiting on his outside for love no longer shown, she's knocking on his heart hoping she can call it home, she stood in his eyes, but to his heart, unknown, waiting with a throbbing bosom, hurting and alone.
    Open up her beaten chest, what's not defined by brutality? Break the broken into crumbs to mitigate reality.Nothing is ever clear once depression hits the brain, life sucked and breathing hurt so she grabbed it by the vein.
    Losing blood, wasting fast, fading, disappearing... punched by his fist in her heart, lucid and uncaring.
    Her face towards a crying sky, colliding with the rain, washes tears off her cheeks and sleeves of crimson stain.... more »

  • Cuts For The Emo Kid

    For the days I awake and the sun fails to shine, for the sky overhead that is never blue, for the rain that hides tears on my cheeks,
    I cut because of you.
    For the Mother that hates her first girl born, for the Father who never cares to be here, for the siblings who can't wait until I'm gone,
    For all of you my blood I bare.... more »

  • Dark Red

    'I'm gonna draw a picture,
    a picture with a twist,
    I'll draw it with a razor blade,
    I'll draw it on my wrist'.... more »

  • Devour Me

    Take me in every way,

    all of my parts, in every position.... more »

  • Dreams For Johnny

    Demons in rage
    they can't be kept
    they're illusions, they can't be caged
    this is what he saw when he slept...... more »

  • Fly Free... R.I.Paradise

    only time can say when you will leave,
    in the hearts of those who love you are all the memories.
    the time we share is hard to let go,
    but how we feel will be easy to show.... more »

  • Here Comes 'The Rain'

    Clear blue skies, the high is day,
    here comes 'The Rain',
    skies fog and are blanketed in gray.... more »

  • Him

    A feeling of constriction in my chest has made it impossible to breathe.

    ...he has made it impossible to breathe.... more »

  • How Do You Plead?

    Your Honor,
    I stand before thee with many burdens.
    Hatred lies in the heart of me, but only of a tarnished soul.
    I recount the days of rebellion and disobedience.... more »

  • I Need You

    ... more »

  • I'Ll Pretend It Doesn'T Hurt

    A menace to my heart, made of thin crystal,
    easy to break.
    I'll imagine my heart isn't shattered.... more »

  • Just Like Poison

    your just like poison. flowing through my veins,
    i am highly intoxicated by you,
    with every bit of your love you take my breath away.
    i'm am in shock of you.... more »

  • Life && Death

    Death lives forever...
    leaving us in a midst of grief and sorrow.
    Taking us to someplace unknown
    leaving us with questions unanswered.... more »

  • Living A Lie

    Tragic memories cover the pages.
    Spilled on the lines are 16 ages,
    inked with blood so you can't erase,
    one million facades of a single face.... more »

  • Lying Next To You

    my head on your chest, listening to your heart beat
    my fingers wandering apon your body tracing the muscular lines in your abdomen
    your arm around me in comfort to you
    i look up at you, gazing into ur brown eyes... more »

  • Male Factor

    You're an evil soul containing sinful impurities.
    you're deepest desire- to create mental suffering and anguish,
    filled by my body...
    So cruel and brute, branding and manipulating the mind of a young girl,... more »

  • Moonshine/Winds


    shining like glitter,
    making elevation beautiful,... more »

  • My Addiction

    i am addicted to it
    my way of expression
    a deadly drug
    my dark obsession... more »

  • Obsessed

    Stale blood and stiff limbs are now the makings of me...
    I'm dying to have you.
    kiss me with love inside and out.
    I'll be your dying rose.... more »

  • Silent Scream


    Run... fast.... more »

  • Star Crossed

    People try to tell me what I don't hear
    They try to show me what I don't see
    What they don't seem to understand
    Is that you mean the world to me.... more »